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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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CBC news did a story tonight on Paul Ryan's reaction to the shooting today. He gave

condolences and then he asked for a moment of silence. I thought the GOP is asking for more than a moment of silence. They are asking for everyone to be silent forever lest they lose one of their precious wedge issues (which are dwindling in number).

Well they met. And at the end Trump was said to say "I'm leading in the polls". Which tells you how

well it went. I posted this article because I thought it showed the crash association those on the right try and do to their base...conflating the gaslighting of AA with the words 'all lives matter' that the base does with Trump's candidacy. Even when Trump has a loss they try and make all the base feel attacked in the same way. That is the 'genious' of trump and I thought it was important point made...even though it didn't end up being the story.
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