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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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This is how all the residents and staff at long term homes got vaccines in 3 days


They had busloads of paramedics arrive at a longterm care homes. I guess they could do the building fast and thus did not need the freezers for the vaccine. Kind of bad ass, guerilla medicine. But i guess it only works in a city that is not underwater with covid victims needing transport to hospitals so the paramedics were freer.

Just an fyi.

Facism requires the cooperation of corporations. Maybe ceo don't want to live in a country filled

with corruption and human rights abuses. Will affect their bottom line as they are american identifyed all around the world and their could be boycotts. Maybe they will rethink destroying the middle class. Graft, drugs, terrorism and kidnappings are then the only way to make enough to buy a car or a tv, if you are anyway inclined to be aggressive, when you destroy the middle class. That's not a fun place to live for rich people. Or anybody else.

I thought it was supposed to be hatred of big tech that was to be the unifying 'other'

Republicans can hate and attack to glue their party back together. But i guess losing the internet for a week is a good thing as vanilla isis can't discuss how they hate republicans now. Not this week. It is an opportunity for old time Republicans to mend the chism. Remember the RNC got a pipebomb as well as the DNC. I guess the GOP likes big tech this week. So attacking Biden it is.

Current and retired NY City Fire Department personnel under investigation

by the FBI for attenting the Capital coup on Wednesday. People with no, an okay or dream jobs are going to lose them while Trump retires to Florida to be fluffed by fans for the rest of his days. These people may or may not go to jail too. I hate to have sympathy, but like any cult, people with vulnerabilities and ego needs will be recruited. And then they'll pay for it. That can't be lost. That at the end of his tenure the base who voted for him have nothing. No wall. No jobs. No healthcare. And the whole world is more dangerous because the malevolent see how vulnerable democracies are now. The republicans took everything away from poor, rural, southern and former middle class people. Trump promised to give it back. What a scam. And now the base is following the army of grifters who have surrounded grifter Trump. That is no way to find meaning. They'll be angry for the rest of their lives. And others will try to exploit them.

Right wing wants to take over canada i would guess. Canada having

none of nialistic narcissism. Some extreme conservatives talk online with americans of the same ilk. Trudeau is way ahead in the polls. Alberta Premier and notable yahoo Kenny has had to correct himself into governing a few times due to anger at his attempts to create the wild west in Alberta. Canada having a renaissance right now embracing all cultures within our fold. We love news stories about refugees settling. We love our healthcare. Most love cbc News. I worked for a recent immigrant from Pakistan. He had to leave managing the shop to listen to his CBC radio shows in his car he used to say. He was on a schedule. Trudeau made a direct hit on Conservatives when he stated a department called the Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity. Conservatives howled when he did that. They want inequality so we will be a copy of the us and our not haves stop thinking rationally and start following cults.

Well Trump always goes to war with elites the group he is in and kisses

up to outsider characters. He always does so now he is wholly in Republican-land and out of America at large ..... so they can have him. When he was just rich his enemies were bankers his friends shady people like Stone or Manafort. When he was President his enemies decent public servants and experts and his friends Kim Jong Un and Putin.

Yup. Corporations need to step up and fight facism rather than enabling it.

Facism cannot work without their cooperation.

Publisher Cancels Josh Hawley's Book

Publisher Cancels Josh Hawley’s Book

January 7, 2021 at 5:53 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 171 Comments



Simon & Schuster has decided to cancel publication of Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) forthcoming book, The Tyranny of Big Tech.

From a statement: “It will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voices and viewpoints; at the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.”


(Apllegrove )Yup. Corporations need to step up and fight facism rather than enabling it.Facism cannot work without their cooperation

Maybe. Someone sent around instructions because i have never seen so many knapsacks at a

demonstration in my life.

Why do they have knapsacks? What do you need to bring to a demonstration?

A gun? A tikki torch? Depends? A sandwich made by mom?
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