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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
Number of posts: 109,066

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Hedge funds are getting into real estate. So this will not stop those sales.

There is too much money in the hands of the rich. Stocks are overpriced. Buybacks common. The wealthy need to find new markets to make money in. If only they would up the wages of their workers maybe the workers could buy more things creating demand. You know.... liberalism.

This is so true. In tin pot dictator world if you were not loyal you lost

your job and were outcast. If the GOP penalizes opposition that is not democracy. Democracy is winning power with some and governing for all.


I had a friend who was 13 when China invaded Tibet. His father

was a businessman. The first thing the Chinese did was shut his business down. I assume since China is so capitalist now that they encourage Tibetan owned businesses? Is that right? Or is this appeal to capitalism just a dog whistle to autocrats and fascists and antidemocratic entities in the West to get back in control because Democracy is winning worldwide in this Ukraine situation?

Plus as an older woman on Fox and trans she'll gross out some of the

nasty viewers and they will run to connect to the de Santises of the GOP. The De Santises arms will be open wide with more anti trans tropes this 2022 election year.

As Fox News hires Katlyn Jenner to 1) give them cover 2) bait

their own base/viewers every day into thinking trans people are taking over. I call it negative marketing

I guess I mean there was no backbone left. So the libertarian authoritarians took over with nobody

popular on the right was left to call them out in the Senate. I know movement conservatives set up the situation where a host of American men and women had no good jobs and no hope so they put their lot in with something that seemed bigger than them and dropped reason. That was a 40 year plan. It involved undoing unions and the rich getting more, more, more and inequality hurting the workers to the point they want to burn the educated elites down. That was Reagan and the Kochs. Though I think Reagan didn't know the extent of what he was sowing. The last real voice against destroying democracy in the Republican Party was McCain. But even he was snowed by Republicans convincing him he didn't know economics when he ran for President the second time so he came out for trickle down. I guess there is nobody with gravitas on the right protecting America. Nobody has the power to either.

Yes you are right. But after McCain died then went full on traitorous.

Donald Trump was obviously all ready to destroy democracy with others. Rand Paul used to be the biggest libertarian authoritarian liar in Congress. Now he is the norm.

McCain is missed. He died and Republicans went to hell.


Trump claims no wars started under him: what about the war on democracy?

The one in the US?

Didn't the MAGAs start the whole anti-mask thing while Trump was for them (Trump soon quit

supporting masks). Then the Russians have been anti vax online for years. This is the great unmooring from science, the media, government and anything approaching actual Christianity.
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