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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Narratives, saints & psychopaths. Obama

says he needs to be more vocal on his narrative and he does. Leaders and saints will lay out a narrative that inspires and lift those up who follow it. Bad things in people's lives will become easier to bear, especially when saints take on the darkness in folk's lives and transform it into light. Psychopaths will try and take over the narrative of the scapegoats they attack and fill their personal story with bull**** and blame. Think swiftboat veterans for truth or the bullying the NRA does when they try and convince gun control advocates that they are misinformed, don't really have the best interest of the public at heart so they should jjust shut up and let the NRA continue the arms race within the USA. Know the difference. Don't be shut up or shut out of the political process. Don't let them steal your narratve. And no, getting money for the already rich through tax cuts does not constitute light. Beware also of the psychopath pretending to be a saint. If they scapegoat anyone, they are not saints. Just in general stay away from people/organizations/'leaders' who need scapegoats.

Be forwarned of gungeon propaganda. If you post a gun control

thread the NRA types will attack your narrative that you 1) care 2) are informed. They attack and ridicule who you are this way. This is treating you like a scapegoat to flip the touchstones, that we use to identify ourseves, on us and any human being cannot stand that. Don't let them get away with such psychopathic type of bullying. Ignore those threads and continue to discuss the issue with like minded gun control advocates.

The NRA teaches obfuscation to their

followers to stop any debate. Make a statement on wanting gun control and some NRA follower will log on and attack the context of the idea, ridiculing the narrative of the poster who see themselves as caring and informed. You know who else attacks the personal context/narrative of people? Psychopaths. I prefer to discuss things while not having my context/narrative attacked. That is what diabolical people do to control 'reality', Keep it up and Skinner will have no choice but to start a group for discussion of gun control only.

You know, when you are afraid your empathy for others goes down. You just care about

you and your your family. I know. I was stalked for years. Maybe all this GOP/NRA push is not just to sell guns but to sell fear, reducing empathy across the nation. So they can get people to vote against helping their neighbours or the poor.

Lapierre is calling for more regulation, that would be paid for from the public

purse, when he wants armed guards in school. All so gun sales will rise keep rising in this arms race. Along with not keeping kids safe, it is another transfer of wealth from the public purse to corporations, and is not payed for so it will result in more debt, that will result in more spending cuts for the poor. But profits on gun sales will remain high so it is a good thing

The people of the USA did the heavy

lifting in regards to communism. We in Canada were not as paranoid as you were taught to be during the cold war. So paranoia is a holdover behaviour in older Americans. It is already in their brain and the right wing just capitalizes on way of thinking to make the enemies of the rich, government and intellectual elites, the enemy of regular people who end up then voting against their own best interest for the GOP.

I too am against guns and the psychopathic

fetish and market created for them by the right. There seems to be a marketplace of gun atrocities where one psychopath tries to outdo the previous monster. And then the NRA jumps in and tries to suppress any resulting discussion. All so that there will be no learning. The right is dependant on gun culture to give them a new crop of army soldiers every generation. To protect and procure US wealth. To get gun nuts to vote against their own economic best interests and give tax breaks to the rich. And no amount of dead kindergarteners is going to stop them.

It was Occupy that defined the the

99% in people's hearts. And people really liked belonging to such a great big group after years of the GOP slicing and dicing Americans up and playing people off against each other. The 99% meme was deeply ingrained inside the majority of Americans when Romney's 47% comments became public: the complete opposite of what Occupy's 99% meant to the country. Why Romney was rejected so. Why Occupy will live on. The idea of people working together for a better future was found in Obama's 'we're all in this together' adage. Occupy was a very important part of Obama's 2012 win. IMHO

Do you think the far right is gunning for all schools to be privatized.

So a few multinational corporate online programs will teach the nation and make money had over fist. Where teachers are religated to the role of teacher's aides? And get paid as such? Where their union's are weak to non-existant? Where all the money in education goes to ceos and shareholders, taking it out of the actual education and the Democratic coffers? Where kids are not taught to think critically or about rights. Have I missed anything?

Goodwill seems to be sensitive to corporate events again.

Now Papa John's and Olive Garden/Red Lobster will lose money for going against Obamacare. When corporations lose goodwill their business goes demonstrably down. Afterall goodwill is something that can be found in the assets portion of a company's balance sheet. Seems after Occupy the public no longer puts corporations on pedistals. Maybe that is why CEOs have been squealing in the past year. They know the public has taken off their rosy colored glasses where corporations are concerned. And it is much more difficult to make money off people whose eyes are wide open to their backhanded ways ceos exploit Americans.

good will: (accounting) an intangible asset valued according to the advantage or reputation a business has acquired (over and above its tangible assets)
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