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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Is Trump's revival of the 'birther' meme to get the furthest right wing nutters to be sure

to get out and vote. How could you be anything but irate if someone steals the presidency? (sarcasm). Anger gets you to take action. Anger will get them up and out on election day. I'm sure Trump will be available to reignite the issue periodically in the months to come so the nutters won't get sad and passively dissapointed when Mitt tacks to the centre in the months to come.

Bill Maher pointed out that Booker was dependant on private equity and other private

donations for his city. I hope that goes viral too. Shows you just what the right is doing with all the money they are making through inequality...coopting people. So that the $$$$$ interests have the power over which cities or people thrive.

Video: Roger Martin On Overhauling The Corporate World and his book "Fixing The Game". Talks about

business should go back to being customer driven.

Roger Martin On Overhauling The Corporate World

About the video:

Head of the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, Roger Martin talks about his book "Fixing the Game". He says it's time to overhaul the corporate world and to stop believing that corporations exist only to maximize shareholder value. Businesses should go back to being customer-based.


What makes Biden such a great campaigner? I think it is his fight. He's got more that a little

bit of the scrappy guy in him, the type of person who inspires others to back him. Reminds me of former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, "the little guy from Shawinigan". And a little bit of anger (or fight) goes a long way towards voters voting, encouraging others to gregariously get out and vote, and not ceding their power to the other side.

Occupy has changed the focus of political discussion to the growing inequality in the USA. That is

something that slipped under the radar for 30 years. Now it is the basis of the 2012 election. That is big stuff. All occupy did was get a majority of americans to say to themselves 'I am part of the 99%' instead of 'I am religious' or 'I have to think and feel what some hierarchy wants me to think or feel'. Occupy freed people to connect with what is real for them. And to connect Americans once again to each other instead of being sliced and diced up by the Republicans. They became part of something greater than themselves. It undid 30 years of hard & relentless work on the part of the GOP. Occupy has rocked the world.

I have never slammed Occupy. I was thrilled with everything that happened in the fall/winter. I

simply don't want to see the battle over inequality they were winning sacrificed for anti Nato. I certainly did not want to see ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. I also wanted to see bin Laden and al qaeda stopped in Afghanistan. Both things NATO were involved in. That is my very point. More than 50% of Americans liked Occupy in the fall. I want to see Occupy succeed and become entrenched in all our psyches as the anti-inequality movement of the 99%. I'm sure many right wing 1% are thrilled to see Occupy morph into something that will be less palatable to the majority of Americans: being against NATO. In fact I would imagine they are dancing a jig.

And then right wing false flaggers stir the whole mix. Alienating the left from the centre.

Occupy is anti NATO all over twitter. Will this alienate people? I thought Occupy did so well

because they allowed for multiple realities regarding inequality and power and not because they were anti any mainstream organization. I mean Occupy was supported by more than 50% of the people because they didn't take specific anti-anything tactics, except for the 1% having too much power.

The GOP has done away with the long form type census in the USA, and they are at war over

information. The long form census was canceled by the Conservatives in Canada too. They say it is about privacy in the USA. In Canada they would not say why they wanted that policy. I think the right wing want all information in the hands of corporations. The information gleamed from the long form census used to go to the public through the government. Policy was created from that. Regulations would come from that data. Business decisions would be made. All with free public information on that great market: America. By getting rid of government's role in garnering such free information, corporations will & have stepped in with market research. Only organizations and businesses big enough to be able to afford to buy such information will get it. And that means big corporations. Mid sized corporations no longer exist because of deregulation. So small business and the people (government too) will be shut out or have one hand tied behind their backs where information is concerned.

The GOP also want the experts to be working at private universities, not public universities. That way they will not take their expertise and regulate corporations because they are not there to help the public. Plus, all in all, if you have to pay a corporation to get information on anything...that limits the number of people who will have access to the information to entities with a lot of $$$. Thus the corporations can run amok and develop new markets based on different assumptions than those available to the general public or soon to be impoverished governments, with the general public and government having much, much less relative information than they have now. Good information will no longer be a public good. The bankers did have new algorithms on human behaviour when they developed the new 'subprime' loan markets and derivatives markets. That went well (sarcasm mine). Markets fail when all the players don't have 'perfect information' to make the best economic decisions on both sides. When one side is basing their decisions on old assumptions or lack of information, the other side wins. A transfer of wealth takes place. From the uninformed public to the well informed corporations. Another way the GOP wants to do in the middle class. And they claim there is a war on the 1%. Once again they are projecting.

It's war for sure, that whole neocon/Rumsfield asymmetric warfare thing again that they want, only with information as the weapons and the might. Let us not allow them to foment inequality in information like they have done to income in the past 30 years.


According to Wikipedia:


"Asymmetric warfare" can describe a conflict in which the resources of two belligerents differ in essence and in the struggle, interact and attempt to exploit each other's characteristic weaknesses. Such struggles often involve strategies and tactics of unconventional warfare, the "weaker" combatants attempting to use strategy to offset deficiencies in quantity or quality.[1] Such strategies may not necessarily be militarized.[2] This is in contrast to symmetric warfare, where two powers have similar military power and resources and rely on tactics that are similar overall, differing only in details and execution."


Plus all those rich big wigs who have invested heavily in the oil industry (stocks & futures).

That is who fox is really broadcasting for afterall when they ask 'are lower gas prices a bad thing'.. I thought the GOP were a little subdued and fair to Obama when oil prices were high. Didn't they say it wasn't his fault? Seems the rich truly are disconnected from regular Americans who find high gas prices hard to live with. Seems fox really is the propaganda arm of the rich investors. Seems the GOP wants high gas prices for more than just political reasons: they have their investment portfolios to worry about.
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