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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Just thinking about how scientists now

say sleeping is so spinal fluid can go into our brains and wipe away all the garbage. So you can think. Including the plaque that causes altzheimers. And it all reminded me of FOX News. All they do is gum up their followers brains with more racism and classism, homophobia and sexism. Altzheimers patients regress back in maturity. (My dad has the disease but is responding well to treatment). They react with anger when they are frustrated in their thinking or are presented with novel information that contradicts what they want. And people who are angry are not in a position to learn anything.

How do we let clearer heads prevail when the noise machine never stops?

The police have their orders. They are civil servants. It is the

1% that have changed the policing culture in the last 30 years. I live in Ottawa and went to a few demonstrations. The police used to stand back and watch, respectful of the right people had to demonstrate. In 1995 we had neocons in power in Ontario. Went to a demonstration, peaceful, spontaneous, and the police were video taping demonstrators... which is like a challenge to people to break the law. Nobody did. Except that it was a spontaneous demonstration. Later on there were G7 demonstration just outside of Ottawa and the police dressing up as demonstrators and tried to incite people to get violent. Definitely social engineering going on there. The police were going for a certain outcome with the agents provocateurs ...which was likely the outcome the 1% wanted. So they could say "you can't trust these lefties, don't negotiate with them, they are violent". And it worked. Left has been kept out of negotiations on trade deals and other agreements. Whereas in places like Germany and Singapore the labour negotiates with business and government to do joint ventures. You don't see labour involved here or in the USA. Like the 1% wanted to create a more black and white world in their war on the middle class. Where all the big decisions would be made to favour the 1%. The police are just servants.

That being said there was a big demonstration on Parliament Hill by Tamils in regards to losing the war in Sri Lanka a few years ago. The police facilitated. The people got their say. And it worked. My brother had a roommate who was a Chinese national. He was visibly anxious the whole time the Tamil demonstrations went on. He thought it meant revolution and a violent one at that. Thank god we are not like the Chinese is all I can say. There is a world of difference between us and them.

In the Sistine Chapel's "Creation of Adam"

Michaelangelo painted god and Adam's index fingers almost touching. Human beings fill that space often. It is how creation myths work. Every explanation wants a home. So too this bullshit demonstration at veterans memorials today. The GOP wants the meme that Obama is being unfair to vets with the shutdown 'he caused' so he had to be run out of town as the tea partiers marched to the white house and symbolically dumped barricades at Obama's 'feet'. I call this 'taking the dog for a walk' where the bases delusions are excercised lest they notice their own culpability in keeping veterans from their monuments, as actually played out last week. A small gap between reality and wishfull thinking can be easily crossed in normal people. It is normal for people other than dyslexics and depressives to make the looser associations.


Well said. And those who make history can change the world. Ferguson seems

to think the same applies to economics...that just applying a different narrative can make an other successful economic outcome. That's not true. There are verifiable laws in economics.

Koch brothers are responsible for creating all the thinking. They are responsible

for it all. You can't just do all the leg work to create emotions & beliefs in people, nuture that for years, come at your creation from many sides and when shit happens say you are not responsible because you weren't there when it happened. That would be psychopathic.

Hey doesn't Obamacare raise wages in the marketplace? Because

are no longer locked into jobs (because someone in their family might have a pre-existing condition)? So people can go for better jobs? So corporations will have to compete for the best people? Why would corporations want to face a more competitive labour market? Another way government intervention helps markets.

Because moving from job to job is one way successful people can make sure they are getting paid what they are actually worth. Less profit for a corporations.

Another reason why the political arm of the GOP is so afraid of

Obamacare: they have to run on dismantling it and win both the house and senate to dismantle it. Meanwhile, the Democrats will be able to run on it forever. It would be a big drag on the Republican brand. Because it will work. People will like it. And the Democrats will run on it.
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