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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Looks like the right is making a concerted

effort to pick off a small percentage of the far left vote to make up for the small percentage of latino and womens' votes they have lost to Democrats in the center. So too if african americans vote with the same enthusiasm and anger at voter suppression in 2014 as they did this past fall the right needs new real estate. Rand Paul certainly is gunning for those lefties who are almost libertarians. And now this NSA/Snowdon scandal will just anger and depress Democrats. Keeping a % from voting. We have to fight for our coalition on the margins. We have to expose Rand Paul for the dangerous tool he is. We have to have that open discussion on metadata soon.

On Real Time with Bill Maher tonight Niall Ferguson made a statement

that since Obama's speech in Cairo Obama has no foreign policy to deal with the Middle East. He gave the specific example of the Green Revolution in Iran, four years ago, where there was no Obama policy. Well Obama did have a policy then. It was to not visibly support the demonstrators in Iran so that the Iranian Regime could not claim it was the Great Satan that was behind the democracy movement there. Did it work? No. The Iranian Regime attacked peaceful, independent demonstrators and the Green Revolution came to an end. Niall Ferguson is a historian. He would know this. Obama did have successful policy in both the Egyptian Spring and the Libyan independence. If you see this "Obama has no Middle East strategy" meme in the weeks to come...shoot it down. LIARS.

The whole defence of CEO "you can't tax corporations they'll just pass it on

to customers" or "corporations will just move off shore if you tax them" all of a sudden reeks of gas-light-ing. Saw it on M*A*S*H I'm watching reruns of. A group pretend what is real is not real and get the target to doubt themselves and their accurate take on reality. That is what we have gotten from the business community for the last 20 years. A wall of 'rejection of what is real to people' in favour of the chosen favoured reality of 'no taxing on corporations'. Why do I fall for stuff like that?
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