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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Considering that they have not been negotiating or even talking for years..yeah, I'd call it a

breakthrough. Personally, I think this whole terrorism against the west would have the winds knocked out of its sails if there ever was peace in Paliestine/Israel. I'm a little sensitive to any hope. So I saw the article posted it. I had not seen the original. Yesterday I posted an article from CNN that was very vague about what the breakthrough was.

The threat of being profiled will stop

kids from reaching for the stars if the whole country doesn't fight back against this jury decision. I mean we are asking black youth to have the maturity to negotiate life and death situations before they are adults if they have to figure out and make alright the fears inside of white people wherever white people are found. This is bad information and as such terrible for teenagers and their developing brains to have to live it. I'm trying to think of something along the same lines white teens have to face. I come up with the rejection of lgbt youth. But nothing else.

I guess McCain finally figured out the

the GOP played him for a fool when they convinced him he didn‘t understand the economy during his 2008 presidential campaign.

So true. Meanwhile the rich are acting like they have been affronted grievously - gas lighting

the workers who might begin to feel that they should be mad.

What makes you happy this July 4th in regards

to liberalism? What gives you hope? I look at how the internet affects the dissemination of good information. By being pointedly truthful it is forcing the MSM to compete. People love stories but they have to speak to truths within the listeners. Limbaugh‘s cacophony of lies doesn‘t connect anymore. Not when facing off against an Obama narrative that actually mentions jobs or the environment. And the internet punches through the tv and the radio with the liberal stories: stories of people interconnected to each other as they struggle to make the world better. Not the message the GOP wants to get out there. The internet is interconnectedness itself. The internet has given us our narratives back. Just at a time when the oral tradition is disappearing. Which made us vulnerable to psychopaths for a bit (psychopaths take over a person‘s narrative in order to control them). So yeah. I‘m really hopeful that people‘s actual lives and needs will be the future story of the world. Not corporations‘.
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