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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Do you want a place to tell your stories on the DU? We all have a few of these amazing

stories hanging around just waiting for a forum to share them in. Old standards or new ones that happen to us today. Show your interest by K & R this thread.

The GOP was acting like a disorganized tropical storm. Obama has just organized them and given them

an eye. Way to take the bull by the horns and define the GOP for the 2014 elections. The GOP talking heads are doing all they can to try and undo the picture Obama painted today. DU please make this a meme out there. Repeat it whenever you can.

Here is what Obama said:

"I think the really interesting question is why it is that my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail, their number one priority," Obama said Friday at a press conference. "Their unifying principle is making sure 30 million people don't have health care."


Going to jail is the only punishment that will mean anything to some banksters.

Finally, some will be held accountable for destroying the middle class so they could make a fast buck.

Is the goal of destrying the middle

class a way to get the white birth rate to rise? Because people with less economic security around the world have more kids. When fundamentalists of any kind want to implement something, control of women‘s golden hoohaas are usually the reason. Why would market fundamentalists be any different.

They are part of that "what's mine is mine

and what's yours is mine“ fundamentalist culture that spans the globe. Al qaeda even released a video yesterday where they, using Egypt as an example, said democracies are not compatable with islam. All the while the business fundamentalists in the USA coopt people in red states to vote against their own economic best interests and help destroy the middle class. At this point one has to wonder if the right doesn‘t want more poverty so the birth rate amongst white women starts to climb. Cause I‘m sure that wherever you find economic or religious fundamentalists it is because some want to control women and their golden hoohaas on some level.
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