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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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These are conservative sockpuppets

pretending they belong here. It was the same when women‘s rights was baited. Femminism is a pretty settled issue on the left. Women should be treated as equals. Now the powers that be are under scrutiny for how they police black youth and here come the GOP race baitors to stir up anxiety, fear and hatred when the people of the DU pretty much agree that policing needs to change and a discussion needs to take place. I hope you get that yhe GOP are scared because the police are part of their coalition and a good discussion between african americans and the police and powers that be might threaten the GOP ‘Southern Strategy‘. This is about power in so many ways. And today African Americans are winning (and then the police and we all win). That is what results from dialogue. I don‘t doubt that more dynamic policing will be the result. So, as to these posters?, they have lost and you are winning. The DU must be doing something right to have garnered such attention. I‘m sorry their panic has taken the shape of such vile and discusting thoughts. These trolls know exactly how dispicable they are acting. But they‘ve sold themselves for money and don‘t care who it hurts. It is the panic of morons who have no idea how to build a great country.

I am a firm believer that government should make

all sorts of policy that enable different kinds of people thrive, even if said policy works at cross purposes often. What is evil to me is government that tries to force people to follow a single script and live a single kind of life that benefits only a narrow group of people. That is not freedom. That is slavery. I am less concerned with Democrats being for the TPP, if they are also for better education and sober but adequate social programs, than GOP trying to make everyone good corporate monkies living a life that benefits mostly corporations. Evil is when everyone has to be of one mind unless the powers that be get very upset they are not adored and adorned and attack.

I thought the last paragraph was

important in the outake. The idea that backing torture would make people ‘all in‘. Isn‘t that what Hitler did with the final solution.....Nazis had no choice but to fight as Nazis to the very death. Turning millions into monsters. There would be no going back. I wonder if Cheney had that in mind.

May this divide between tea partiers and other republicans

is why all of a sudden Republicans claim "I'm not a scientist" when asked the question, as a way to avoid answering and coming down on one side or the other. An anti-wedge.

So the GOP finally faces a 'Sophie's Choice' from the Democrats. After the GOP shoving Sophie's

Choices (a choice where your life is diminished no matter what you decide) in the faces of Democrats for more than a decade like a psychopaths would, Obama gives the GOP a choice: support his immigration reform or denounce it.

No wonder Michelle Bachman says the GOP will remain silent on the issue. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/11/22/Michelle%20Bachmann-GOP-Will-Not-Resist-Obama-Executive-Amnesty

I seem to have picked up a lot of conservative stories today from reddit. I guess the GOP never lets the perpetual campaign ebb, not even on thanksgiving weekend.

There is a good start to a discussion.

CNN and nicholas kristof have said some pretty important things. But mostly a generation of black kids have the events of the last few years to remind them that they are valued. That people will fight for them. And that will give them wings in their own lives. You just watch. Martyrs will do that. Look at how JFK inspired a generation of liberals. These events of the last few years where mere kids get into situations that are way to complicated situations for kids to be involved in.. this has and will inspire change in the country. People have the internet today so they talk about what they want for as long as they want. These events will not die due to the end of the news cycle. Much has changed already. I look forward to a Mike Brown law where police wear digital cameras. Demonstrations are now managed with shades of grey, not in black or white rules. Demonstrations are dynamic in nature and need to be treated that way.

Bingo! Reading "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari. "A brief history of humankind".

He goes into capitalism where he talks about credit being a bank's belief in someone or trust that there will be growth in the future. And how that trust developed. And resulted in more and more credit. The pie kept getting bigger over 500 years, especially in the West. With the banks believing that the people they loan to will have more money into the future.

And that got me thinking. Well now all the growth of the pie goes to the 1%. None of it goes to the middle class. Or the poor. Their pie slices are the same size or shrinking. The trust has been broken between the banks and the middle class. But the 1% keep raking in the dough.....all the while complaining that they have been put upon.

And it seems that banks really are not focussed on the 99%. As I posted yesterday.


It is more than that. Psychopaths often do a 180 degree tell where they project their

feelings and actions on their victim. In this case it is the GOP who will do anything for money/power. Scientists are the first people to admit they don't have all the answers and come up with hypothesis which they test again and again. They discard much. They only keep what proves beyond a doubt to be true. The GOP, like psychopaths, always claim they have the perfect information as they roll along making up fiction to fit the desired outcome they want. The two do not belong in the same buildings let alone any political equivalency.

You are right. I skimmed over that. Still...

white men's rights are the new focus of the GOP in the United states and their followers around the world. They do all speak with the same tongue. I know, I'm in Canada and the GOP created a whole think tank here called "the Calgary School" that produced our current prime minister. In this case it is the right wing spreading its new propaganda. That men are victims. It is a virus of the mind. To wedge men to the right. Right now they, the world over, are trying to create a grievance in men that can then be used to control them. What man has not felt sexually frustrated in his lifetime. Especially as a teen. Bingo! I am surprised at how far their tentacles have gone. But this is a trend in language and grievances. Poor men. Poor, poor men. Only the right wing understands.

Fareed Zakaria: "Muslims Are Right To Complain That There Is Anti-Muslim Bigotry"

Fareed Zakaria: "Muslims Are Right To Complain That There Is Anti-Muslim Bigotry"



(the two Canadian jihadists and the one in new York this week) These are not people steeped in Islam, people for whom the religion shaped their world view over decades. People who were motivated by their immersion in the religion. On the contrary, these were unstable young men prone to radicalism and violence. They were searching for an ideology that would fit their disturbed world view, and in the radical and jihadi interpretations of Islam, they found it.

It's always worth remembering that these people represent a tiny minority. Think of it this way. Terror groups like ISIS and al Qaeda have been calling on Muslims to engage in terrorism in Western cities for over 10 years now. Of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, the number who have responded to these calls is a small, small, small percentage. If all Muslims were radicals, we would have more than three to worry about this week.

And yet, there is a problem within Islam. It's not enough for Muslims to point out that these people do not represent the religion. They don't. But Muslims need to take more active measures to protest these heinous acts. They also need to make sure that Muslim countries and societies do not in any way condone extremism, anti-modern attitudes, and intolerance towards other faiths.

Muslims are right to complain that there is anti-Muslim bigotry out there, but they would have a more persuasive case if they took on some of the bigotry within the world of Islam as well.

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