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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Does the existance of a robust and healthy

middle class cause inflation, and thus erode the wealth of the rich? Is this why the GOP attack the foundations of middle class existance? Cause I read somewhere yesterday that constant inflation didn‘t exist until the 20th Century. And neither did robust middle classes. So with inflation the rich have had to invest really hard to beat inflation over the years. And, by going after all social programs that create middle class folk, and all regulations that grow the middle class, the rich won‘t face inflation and get all of their stock growth as pure profit. What narcissism. To go about such drastic change to make life even easier for themselves.IMHO

And they don't meet up with the educated teabaggers because the educated live

somewhere else. So they reinforce each others prejudices about each other. Unlike during WWII generation when people with money fought along side people who came from nothing and learned from each other. Here the educated and the uneducated could learn from each other's experiences but that doesn't occur so they end up both voting against government: the first because it helps the poor and they don't care for that, the second group because government is filled with pointy headed intellectuals telling them what to do. And all the rhetoric is vague enough about 'big gubment' that they both see what they want to in the tea party candidates. So because they don't meet up they don't realize they are actually voting on issues that are against each other.

I see this issue as being less about guns and more about the right inventing red meat

they can throw at their base as a wedge issue. A completely manufactured by the right wedge issue.

Because the psycopaths in the republican

party have been telling them lies about their prowess and importance. So all their secret narratives about being ‘masters of the universe‘ has been seemingly actualized. Because they have life so easy that they might get that empty feeling unless the interconnect to greater world and happily be a little cog, all in it together with all of America, they have been toldu instead things like they ‘are the job creators‘. Which is a lie. It is psychological piracy of one political group over another. The middle class are the job creators. That is the engine. So these rich are fed lies and their heads get big, their hearts small. And then the middle class comes along and says ‘hey, we create the jobs and that is what we should be doing here‘. And the rich feel their big heads, and the accompanying rights to be call job creators, attacked. They feel like they are losing territory. So they go tribal. And it is war. The basic thing is that the psychopaths in the GOP took something from the middle class and gave it to the rich which grew their egos and made them feel extra connected in a way in which they want others to fawn over their brilliance. And the middle class, by doing what they are good at and just being themselves, has seemingly attacked. And it all started with psychopaths spreading lies to the rich that made their heads swell. They truly feel their person was doing nothing different when out of nowhere middle class people and their politicians attacked for no reason. It is about the territory/narratives of people‘s brains.
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