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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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Makes me wonder if Obama's sudden passiveness on ISIS isn't

to flush the rich countries in the middle east out to be more involved. By standing back Obama may be letting the Saudi Arabias of the world feel a good deal more fear at what is going on. So they will put their money and their armies on the front line. Which they should because, well, it is happening to them. Was Obama's tan suit to make him look like a laid back southern gent? Who knows.

Is creating desperate poor a self reinforcing cycle? Cause when I was at my weakest

as a teenager I would almost do anything to garner favour with a someone I followed. I wanted so much to show loyalty. I gave up almost any other friendship I had. Do weak people attack their leaders enemies be in African Americans, Liberals, etc. more often to show loyalty and belong? Are middle class people less likely to attack the so called 'other'? So by keeping the red states poorer and attacking the security of the middle class across America, the GOP is getting more bang for their buck in terms of partisanship, hate, fear and votes. And this results in more inequality and more power at the top.

Maybe congress will function like it has three parties anyhow.

It is unchristian for the GOP to turn social norms back to what they were

before Christianity. Where people were suspicious of each other and thrived on conspiracy and scapegoating. But they've done it. And it looks intentional. I guess they were having no luck with an educated populace. Or a judao-christian one. Does the religious right answer for this? Where their values are actually under attack from the right, not the left that is always blamed.
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