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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Well they met. And at the end Trump was said to say "I'm leading in the polls". Which tells you how

well it went. I posted this article because I thought it showed the crash association those on the right try and do to their base...conflating the gaslighting of AA with the words 'all lives matter' that the base does with Trump's candidacy. Even when Trump has a loss they try and make all the base feel attacked in the same way. That is the 'genious' of trump and I thought it was important point made...even though it didn't end up being the story.

The GOP will see this as a threat because it doesn't involve buying a product or

going to church. Even with a crisis among white males in the South dying early of drug/alcohol abuse or other ways of being unhappy, the GOP will not allow a positive relationship between government and the public. Just you watch. This does not benefit them and is a threat to how the GOP roll. Pursuit of happiness is not something the GOP obviously believe in. Was a time Americans were proud of their government and its might and good works. The GOP has killed that positive in the lives of others as psychopaths will do.

I think the Obama administration has done the math and

concluded US boots on the ground would have to be forever because the same civil war would just break out again and again every time the us took their troops out. So what is the point of boots on the ground if they can not stay there forever and will never make for a permanent peace. There is no point, thankfully. It has to be the locals or a dirty peace deal involving assad. No good options. But I would say that conscription isn't going to happen in your near future.

People in the middle east paying proper income taxes

will stop ISIS. Then the countries will be able to afford enough rule of law to stop graft. SUCCESS THAT IS AWARDED BY MERIT, not corruption or customary law, will give hope. They need democratic institutions. American corporations there should pay decent income tax to local government in the ME as well.

Don't they want to spread the caliphate? Isn't ISIS all about men wanting to be 'big men'? And you

need places in the world that are rich to be the biggest men of all. Hell, if they'll travel back to the 7th century to be the type of big men there were back then, they'll travel to Europe and North America too. If they are used to having complete control over other people in their nuclear family, or they want it, they easily project that to everywhere. Hell they probably feel contempt for men in the west who have to rely on merit of some sort to be successful in love and work and life(to whom ISIS followers used to feel like second class citizens). And the Koran, at over a thousand years old like many religious documents, backs them up. A small percentage of violent people then sign up for ISIS where simple manhood promises you incredible power over whether others live or die: they are leveraging being male into the ultimate power ISIS promises. For sure there is a lack of opportunity in the ME and their not so merit based economies. So by joinging ISIS, aspirations are filled, their grievancers attacked. What reptilian brain would not want that? Thankfully the wast majority of people in the region do not only follow their reptilian brains. But some do everywhere. It is how cults work around the world.

I think I've figured the GOP out. Anxiety and stress

on humans and apes results in ingenuity. The rich don't like the middle class because then people are not as creative and it doesn't lead to discoveries. See.... they care.

So, with the GOP not accepting any debate that could burst their bubble, they will surely

nominate someone who has no idea what is going on, doesn't know they have no idea of what is going on, and are especially good at that. The Presidential debates will be cruel awakening for the GOP.

+100 It is like the GOP predicted that there would be

despair and tried to create the narrative of its cause to protect their sick anti middle class policies. Hitler used the narrative of antisemitism to scapegoat the negative feelings the Germans were feeling as he consolidated power. If they direct negative feelings, feelings that are a result of their leadership, towards an 'other', then the public never gets wise to the actual cause and throws them out of power.

And psychopaths have to have a scapegoat for their followers negative feelings, negative feelings caused intrinsically by the people themselves or extrinsically by their 'dear leader's' actions: their relationship with the psychopath has to be all aspirational and rainbows and false self actualization and being a part of something much much greater than themselves. Any negativity might lead to reality sinking in. .

Seems like you can't enter the republican nomination race unless you have a narrative

that 'arcs' like Star Wars, the first movie.

As if it isn't a Democratic thing to try and meet the needs of the public,

as opposed to the Republican thing which is to meet the needs of a small % of rich people.
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