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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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For such a long while the GOP has been crazily talking getting rid of taxes and promoting

libertarian social policies and policy has not gone that far, but has been influenced by the fully flushed out GOP extreme. Compromise, when it has happened, has happened somewhere in the middle. But the middle has moved as those GOP nuts went extreme and pushed the bounds of acceptable discussion. Now we have Bernie Sanders promoting a 90% tax rate on the richest americans. It is the Liberals time to fully flush out programs on the left (many of which I agree with, just not 90% tax) and put progressive utopias into the MSM and conscience of America. Hopefully that will mean the American middle moves left. Go Bernie. Go Warren. Go Hillary. Dream away! Talk about all manner of liberal/progressive policy no matter how far they go. Fully flush out the kind of world we want to live in. Guaranteed income that will pay for college? I've wanted that for 30 years. Dream it, talk about it, live it and it may come true.

The Saudis have got to undo what wahabism has done to the ME.

The Saudis have got to connect to the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria. They've got to build a sunni coalition of sorts that is more moderate. They've got to be involved till it hurts. It is about their survival after all. I think ISIS calling themselves Islamic State in the Levant (Levant leaves out Saudi Arabia) is a misdirection/fake on the part of ISIS. I doubt very much they want to fight the Saudis at this juncture. But I don't doubt that they want to take over mecca one day with their caliphate. That is my best guess as to what is going on. Saudis don't want to fight for their survival and the US is trying to point out they have to. After all Obama is once again downplaying the threat ISIS is. Just like he did last August. Too calm. Waiting for the Saudis to step up. And the Saudis are used to just getting their way or paying someone, one way or another, to do their dirty work.

My guess is Cruz is putting the idea out there that

heterosexual will be forced into a mandatory gay marriage. Ted Cruz is a terrorist. Of course when pressed he will say he did not mean it to be taken that way. But he successfully has put a rape meme in the heads of some in the base. Their senses have been assaulted by the gay people. They will make good little pasties or pawns for Ted Cruz in the months to come. And they will hate the LGBT community even more and even with nobody from the LGBT community having participated in any way. To quote Sarah Mclaughlin, Cruz is 'building a mystery'. Who knows where his narrative will go next i the dance deep within the gut of the GOP base that Cruz leads... but build it he will. And the base will be none the wiser.
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