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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Neither are Muslim leadership responsible for radical Islamist

terrorism, but they speak out these days to separate themselves and to properly lead youth and their followers. As should leadership in the South. Which includes the GOP. My thinking is that the GOP is tending racism in the south like a garden that reaps elections for them with the southern strategy. Democrats and community leaders and others are turning over that garden over the years to grow something else in the south, but with renewed ferver since Wednesday. GOP have been silent. That speaks volumes.

Van Jones was fantastic on CNN just now. He said there

are no more blameless people than those at a prayer meeting in Charleston. That when a Muslim terrorist attacks the US people expect Muslim leadership to denounce it across the country. Where are the GOP in denouncing racial hatred such as this? They won't even use the word racist.

Jeb Bush said Charleston was racism. Finally. What is the entity/person telling GOP candidates what

they can and cannot say? Cause someone was telling them all to say it was not racism two days ago. Who is it? Fox? Roger Ailes? Koch brothers? Grover Norqhuest fax tree? Republican National Committee? Who is calling the shots. I'd like to know who the GOP primary candidates cower to because maybe that entity should be the one running for 2016 because they are running everything.

But Hillary is presenting a dream to have twenty days of early voting nationwide.

And if the GOP quash it people will be motivated to vote. It is like a wedge issue too, not just good democracy. And democrats are beginning to develop wedge issues. And in this case, if people are thwarted in a policy they like by GOP in the states, people can make doubly sure they and theirs get out and vote on election day. So their is direct action they can take.
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