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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Don't forget speculation that Trump will build health

savings accounts into his new health care plan. That would put money into the stockmarkets from every household in the USA that could afford it. Bidding the price of stocks up. This is speculation and the stocks would likely be quickly over valued. Hurting the very public who invest their health savings accounts in stocks. But hey the already rich would make a killing. Proving once again that markets don't work when the rich are exploiting the markets themselves using government.

Watch Harari talk about the two ways the world

could go: hyper nationalism or internationalism. He wrote "Sapiens" and "Homo Deus". This may explain why the rich in the US backed Brexit and Trump. Internationalism would mean that bigger problems like robots replacing humans and climate change could be fixed or solved.


(My thoughts) Some of the rich don't want those problems solved. With pollution and climate change there will be lots of people dying at 55. Not bad if you are some rich *** planning to live to 120. Not enough room on the planet otherwise. rich people can always move to clean climates like the Americas or southern africa. The rest of the world is over polluted if you look at climate maps of pollution. Also solving robotics taking jobs involves a basic income for all those unemployed. No wonder they don't want immigrants in the USA. In 20 years there will be high numbers of unemployed in the west as there is in the third world now. So it will be temp workers to fill the gaps now and a wall. Scary bunch of mother****ers.

And here is an bit on how Mercer backed brexit.


I am a dyslexic like Trump. I have divergent thinking and see all realities

and narratives seperately. I can believe seemingly opposite different things at once. If you think of it having many realities is actually the way the objective world is. But unlike a dyslexic, and like a politician, Trump adds bullshit. I always have many reasons for all the decisions I make. Lots of people only have one or two reasons. We are used to people conflating their realities so they work as a single narrative. Trump doesn't do that at times. He picks up each narrative and spins it around and looks at it from various angles and with different assumptions (including ignoring some well accepted assumptions about the way things work). When he comes up with a big picture..after days or weeks, that is when to take him literally. If Bannon let's him.

His lying is not explained by dyslexia. He knows he is lying. That is why he joked at the inaugural Kellyanne will take on the jobs no man will take. He's been in sales his whole life and is grounded in hype.

I think Trump just turns things over in his mind. One moment he

likes Ellison, one moment he is trying to do Democrats in. Then it turns around in his mind again. He needs executive function and salience to know when to stop turning things over. Or an advisor who is not trying to start wars on every continent of the planet be they trade wars or religious wars....Bannon seems to stop Trump when the dial inside Trump's head hits "war", and then Bannon tries to make that policy.

Why Trump Needs an Enemy



Ryan Lizza: “Last week, a senior White House official shared a candid theory with me about why President Donald Trump and his team have been adrift since November: they’ve yet to adjust to the post-election reality, and they haven’t yet learned how to operate without a single, common enemy—Hillary Clinton—to focus on. It was a frank admission that a team built for winning a campaign has so far failed at governing.”

“Incoming Presidents usually trade in some of their political tacticians for experienced Washington hands when they take office, but Trump installed his entire senior campaign leadership into top positions in the White House, a place where few of them have ever worked before.”


Trump is dyslexic. Dyslexics excel at taking down psychopaths because they only deal in the concrete. Think Churchill - Hitler, or Kennedy-Russia, Reagan - Russia. That was why when he had enemies during campaigns he did well. Campaigns are inherently painted tableaus and long term politicians like hillary are vulnerable. Republican candidates and their agenda is totally psychopathic and lies. Now he is trying to attack the press and/or democrats. Both of them are stand up groups of people. He can't pull down their fictions because their narratives are real. IMHO

Piers did make one point on fear in the usa and how Americans are being made to fear

terrorism but then nothing is done about making background checks on all gun sales mandatory. He said that didn't make sense. I say the medium is the message in that fear is an end unto itself for the GOP. They don't want to stop gun deaths. They just want to control their base with fear. There is that old analogy in the study of risk that says the chances of someone dying at an airport because of a fire is minimal. Yet people want to make sure there is a fire department ready at the airport. So there are fire departments at airports. And they almost never get a call. So they just sit there doing nothing. But people want to have the public purse pay for full time fire departments at all airports. The point is that people are irrational when it comes to risk. And the GOP know this. Some things 'seem' more likely than others. So no gun laws resulting in 45,000 dead or wounded a year (and pro gun voters are created because then everybody has to have a gun). While thousands of refugees are barred from entering the US because of terrorism when less than 6000 have died due to foreign terrorism in the last 40 years (and anti-terrorism voters are created). So it seems disjointed but it actually makes perfect sense for the GOP and Trump.

He is going to be upset every time

someone in his government does something that would not be Trumps instincts, he is going to be after his assistants all the time. Back when we lived in villages of 150 it might be good to go on your instincts with every decision. Not so with something like the US government.

He probably knocks it out of

the park on spacial reasoning. That is one portion of the IQ test. A lot of dyslexics do. Why he cannot keep a single policy idea in his head for any length of time. His brain is always turning the policy around and around and looking at it from different angles.

Right wingers claim that monetary and fiscal policy perverts the natural cycles

of the economy. That there should be no policy.

Here is my response:

So perverts the natural cycles? Boom and bust? Like
the late 1800s? What a fine time that was. So much poverty and suffering. And people built mansions based on those booms that then had to be torn down 40 years later as they were too useless and gaudy. Unless that is they could be turned into a nursing home. So you want the whole country to be riding waves. I get ya. You do not like the post war stability that lasted for 60 years. I see. I guess we were all assuming 'Make America Great Again' meant the 1950s. Did not know it was the 1880s.

The rich do know how to make money that way. It is about
the bust and the economy tanking regular people and the semi rich out again when they are flat on their backs having lost in the markets and real estate. Those with multiple millions can then leverage that in a bust to run around buying the carcases of businesses and real estate. A chance, perhaps their only chance, to join an even higher income bracket. Buy low. Sell high. The world built to serve only hedge fund managers. And it is not hard to do. It just requires that you have a bit more money than those destroyed by the bust. You require the suffering of the middle class. You require a depression for a time when the middle class is so damaged business are close to failing, or failing, left right and center. Buy up all the assets you want at rock bottom prices. Then you watch the economy grow after a few years, your net worth balloon, and you don't pay taxes. You get the assets you bought back to health and sell them to the highest bidder. Nice work if you can get it. You are all about the bust. And you require that 3/4 of the country really suffer and lose wealth every 7 years. You are not a genius to want that bust cycle. You are a creep.The natural cycle is a speculation boom that causes a much worse crash.

It is not good for anyone but people hoping to buy assets at bankruptcy prices. Your targets are good companies that get nailed by the huge bust. It benefits only the very rich. It requires that everyone else go face first into the dirt for 3 years. Those companies and real estate owners would otherwise, in a normal tight money recession, survived and retained ownership. It is very rich people getting a transfer of wealth from small to mid sized businesses and the middle class and the poor. It is cannibalism of a nation. A speculation boom is required by you to make sure the recession is as deep and long as possible. If you were to stress test the economy for your purposes you would want the outcome that everything begins to crack and implode. Thus why Trump is getting rid of Dodd Frank. And the requirement that financial planners used to have to work in their clients' best interests. The more speculation the worse the bust the more people are hurt the more opportunity for you. I know a hedge fund manager. He sees himself having a role to play in the economy but he does not want needless trauma, pain and failing of the market which you do.

The basic assumption behind all market theory in economics is that 'given perfect information' people will act certain ways. Well the speculation boom you require to result in your particular kind of bust, a bust that is long enough and deep enough that good businesses are forced to sell themselves, is not based on perfect information or economics. It is market failure and shared delusions that lead to trauma for most of the people. And that massive customer failure results in good and viable companies and real estate owners having to cut great loses and sell to you. That is the only way it works.

It benefits nobody else. But I guess you would say 'there is a sucker born every day'.

He's going to piss off the world in

a series of calls to each and every leader in the world.
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