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HOT HOT HOT! Did someone turn the heat up in here? Because the

Republicans just introduced the AHCA and it is about to get very hot in places where one finds rural older voters. They lose out. And then gerrymandering is up and coming. It does not bode well for the GOP. I noticed in the Discussionist the right is warning people not to get all pretentious-like and show publicly their interconnectedness to others. You know. Feelings. Because everyone knows feelings only belong in commercials where ceos can make money off them, or in elections where the GOP use feelings to fool people into voting for the them when the GOP's sole real agenda is to make rich people richer.

I wonder if this is why Obama is under attack this week.

Obama said he wanted to be deeply involved in the issue of gerrymandering. That would make the GOP go after him. And Trump who thinks he'll be running as far along as 2022. Maybe that is the real reason for Trump's lie about Obama this week. They need to kill the leader with the 60% approval who wants elections fairer and where the voters pick their politicians and not the other way around. Like the GOP need to destroy the old king before the new one can garner the loyalty of the masses.

Don't forget speculation that Trump will build health

savings accounts into his new health care plan. That would put money into the stockmarkets from every household in the USA that could afford it. Bidding the price of stocks up. This is speculation and the stocks would likely be quickly over valued. Hurting the very public who invest their health savings accounts in stocks. But hey the already rich would make a killing. Proving once again that markets don't work when the rich are exploiting the markets themselves using government.
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