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I posted it because the US MSM had not picked up the story. Not because

I care. I'm done with trying to give Trump credit for things like his democratic gun control stance on wednesday when he is just going to flip back. I hear the meme that it is Trump's Republican Party. No. It is all republican all the time party. The republicans want to be known as Trump's underlings so if he gets impeached by democrats they can say to Democratic and Independant voters 'we were just following Trump'. To Trump's base who would be angry they'll say 'we were supporting Trump'. IMHO. Just a guess. With little exception, Trump policies are full on republican. The Republicans, the NRA, ALEC, FOX News and the usual GOP suspects are the ones in control.

Rubio escaping to the big picture rather than the specific. No quotes

will be available on the gun issue when Rubio runs for the nomination in 2020. He's all about not being quoted on anything tonight.

He is now for banning large capacity magazines. Wow.

Great kids. Great questions.

Because Trump's support is only 40% he is not doing a good job of gaslighting

Americans like other GOP Presidents have done. So the truth is running free from GOP control. Look at guns. Look at healthcare. And the GOP leadership in the Congress does not have gravitas anymore to make up for it. Trump has just given up GOP tactics to be perused and analysed by the public at a speed where the workings behind the GOP lies are discernable.

GOP is wedded to the gun issue because they can't make the base worry government

is going to take their money away as they don't have much money in the base. Tax cuts are really only for the rich. But the base do have guns. And GOP can threaten that Democrats will take their guns away in elections. They almost need these school shootings to renew the connection with their working class base. Plus they need gun clubs at schools to create a new generation of gun enthusiasts. Not working this time. Taking away AR-15s is so reasonable right now. So is not allowing someone who is considered too immature to drink, too immature to get a major weapon. If Democrats manage to get common sense gun control it would wipe out that important relationship between the GOP rich and the GOP base because, let's face it, they don't get the same things out of the GOP economy. I mean what are the GOP going to threaten Democrats will take away if the gun issue evolves into a reasonable discussion?

Paul Begala tweet:


Right wingers get to have Russia corrupt the us system on their behalf. What is not for the GOP

to Love? Corruption to keep power for themselves without the risk of being indicted for it.

I was hard on Haiti during the 2016 election because the Clinton's pulled their

foundation out of Haiti a bit after 2010. I assumed it was because you cannot get away from having to do graft in Haiti to get things done and a Clinton run for the Presidency would not have gone well with a graft scandal. But hell yeah. Haiti does not do shit like what was let happen in Florida today.

The strange tale of Carter Page: Republicans built a defense of Trump around this guy?




Page is far from the only person who has given conflicting public statements about his relationship with the president. The Trump team itself has vacillated repeatedly about what role Page played on the future president's advisory team.

In early 2016, Trump and his campaign staff were forced to cast about desperately for warm Republican bodies they could put forward as foreign policy advisers. At that time, Trump listed Page as the second of several such counselors when he was asked to name some during a March interview with the Washington Post editorial board.

Just a few months later in September, however, the Trump team abruptly reversed itself after Yahoo News reported that Russian intelligence officials were chattering about Page's Moscow trip and his alleged meetings with members of Putin's inner circle.

"Mr. Page is not an advisor and has made no contribution to the campaign," communications director Jason Miller told The Hill after the story broke. "He's never been a part of our campaign."


Study Finds Election Forecasts Lower Voter Turnout



Pew Research: “These probabilistic forecasts can give potential voters the impression that one candidate will win more decisively and may even lower the likelihood that they vote… The use of such probabilistic forecasts was a constant in coverage of the 2016 presidential race, with an average of 16 mentions per day in cable news broadcasts, according to the study. And at least in 2016, outlets with more liberal audiences featured more coverage. Forecasters uniformly favored Hillary Clinton to capture the White House, with odds ranging from 70% to 99%.”

“The new study finds that numbers like these can leave people with the impression that the race is far less competitive than when they see polling data presented as the percentage of the vote they are expected to get – something familiar to the public.”

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