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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Everyone know the very rich harvest smaller business in hedge funds or private equity.

How are the very rich supposed to make an 8% return if there are not a whole bunch of small businesses that cannot grow unless they sell to a big guy. Why if they were on a fair internet they might just grow themselves. And that would be bad for the very rich. As always, gumming up the system and pulling up the ladder behind themselves.

And the GOP has gotten rid of dyslexics who perceive the world differently and thus suss out

flim flam men and women. Except for the GOP presidential candidates who are almost always dyslexic and can pull down the fictions of other candidates so they win. Dyslexics, who can't learn a detailed human fiction, see the world in 3D. They thus pull down the fictions of the con artists. That is the dyslexics job. Think Churchill going after the Nazis starting in the the 10 years before WWII. The 10% of the population who are dyslexic were needed in every corporation, faculty, and voting district. To keep people from being fooled. They especially need them in the right wing districts. Thinking in GOP lockstep is killing the USA. By sprinkling people amongst the GOP masses who can't follow the GOP fictions but who pick up on what is going on at the margins, the US would be so much better off. Literacy may have challenged dyslexics value to society but humanity still needs there humanity, empathy and creativity of dyslexics amid the general population.

He's trying to be a populist but he isn't dyslexic so he can't excell at the big

picture, and then the bigger picture. He hasn't got the flow of Trump.Thankfully. For Canada.

Dyslexics like Trump have a small working memory which is like a holding pen for narratives

or events that have happened. In an instant it might not allow for all the narratives of the day, week or year to fit into it. They have good long term and episodic memories but this information is not at the forefront. With this limited tank of narratives in their working memory the dyslexic might then come up with a big picture on what is in the tank at that moment. This makes dyslexics creative as they look at things varying assumptions. They go all in with what is immediately in the tank. They then do a big picture in an instant. There is a chance that they come up with some novel or very insightful idea. There is a chance they are just wrong. If they are going to look at things with various assumptions in their small tank they are going to be right some of the time. Wrong some of the time. They then palate clense and their tank is a clean room. Wait a little while and their tank fills up again with a mix of new narratives and some new and old assumptions. Then they do a big picture in that instance again and come up with a different synthesis. Over a few days they might do a big picture on all the smaller synthesi that test with reality perfectly and come up with a big picture which is the thing dyslexics are best at. Their tank often includes narratives or events that are off to the side that normal people miss. So dyslexic are big dynamic big picture machines. If they have values which Trump does not. If they have empathy that Trump does not, the empathy is other people's narratives which are included in the tank. Dyslexics usually have both these things on spades. Trump is not lying Maggie is saying, he just could not find the proper answer in his tank in that moment. And he was all in. Ask him later and it might be in there. I know. I am dyslexic. Same thing with the 'lie that he never stayed in a hotel when he was in Moscow. His night there alone was just not in his tank when he was talking about it is my guess. And he was all in on that. I could be wrong. For sure Trump does lie alot when he is well aware that 'respecting the flag' at football games is really about keeping racism alive in the GOP base. He is a sleazy salesman. I think that Trump is so 'hypothesis oriented' should be a question for people too. Not just his lies.

And defence department paying for the anthem does not make it a public event?

Right. You are just paid to protect the biggest wedge issue the GOP cultivates: racism.

Cannot have the GOP base connecting with their favourite players on a viceral human level about injustice. Where would the tax cuts for very rich people be then?.

Free speech for some with Citizens United. Not for others with this NFL rule.

And the NFL owners get to benefit from both.

I know right. Some who commit violence are wrong. But people who care

about their country being Democratic and who don't want a permanent overclass in their country with the ladder being pulled up behind are in no way kooky. I fear this is to be used as a wedge to separate centrists from the rest of liberals. Don't let them own the word 'resistance'.

America's Version of Capitalism Is Incompatible With Democracy

By Eric Levitz at New York Magazine



Several social democratic (and/or, democratic socialist) thinkers, examining the patient from a few steps to the democracy movement’s left, have had their eyes drawn to a different set of symptoms. They see state and federal legislators who routinely slash taxes on the wealthy, and services for the poor, in defiance of their constituents’ wishes; regulatory agencies that serve as training grounds for the firms they’re meant to police; a Supreme Court that’s forever expanding the rights of corporations, and restricting those of organized labor; a criminal-justice system that won’t prosecute bankers for laundering drug money, but will dole out life sentences to small-time crack dealers; a central bank that has the resources to bail out financial firms, but not the homeowners whom they exploit; a Pentagon that can wage multitrillion-dollar wars that exacerbate the very problems they were supposed to solve — and still get rewarded with a higher budget — even as the Housing Department asks the working poor to pay higher rent for worse accommodations; and, seething beneath all of these defects, disparities in the distribution of private wealth so vast and consequential, the nation’s super-rich have come to enjoy an average life expectancy 15 years longer than its poor.

In these grisly conditions, social democrats see a textbook case of malignant capitalism. Democracies cannot survive on norms alone. When markets are left under-regulated — and workers, unorganized — the corporate sector becomes a cancerous growth, expanding until it dominates politics and civil society. An ever-greater share of economic gains concentrates in ever-fewer hands, while the barriers to converting private wealth into public power grow fewer and farther between. Politicians become unresponsive to popular preferences and needs. Voters lose faith in elections — and then, a strongman steps forward to say that he, alone, can fix it.

All this contraindicates the democracy movement’s prescription: If our republic’s true sickness is its inegalitarian economic system, then that illness won’t be cured by cross-ideological coalitions. Quite the contrary: What’s needed is a movement that mobilizes working people in numbers large enough to demand a new deal from capital. Thus, if the liberal intelligentsia wishes to save American democracy, it should devote the lion’s share of its energies to brainstorming how such a movement can be brought into being — and what changes that movement should make to our nation’s political economy, once it takes power.

Why this argument matters.

It’s important not to exaggerate the division between “normcore” liberals and “radical” leftists. Jedediah Purdy, the Duke University law professor who wrote a much-discussed critique of the former, has condemned Trump’s (norm-defying) lies about voter fraud as a dire threat to “self-rule” in the United States. Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, whose book How Democracies Die is the bible of the “normie” center, argue in that very text that “addressing economic inequality” could help inoculate America against future populist demagogues. Each side recognizes that both our economic system’s tendency to concentrate wealth at the top and Trump’s assault on democratic norms are serious problems; they just disagree about which of these represents the more fundamental threat to American democracy at the present moment.


I'm a woman. Are you saying that anyone who ever said anything sexist cannot vote for my party?

People get fooled. They change back. They change over time. I'll be having none of what you are having. I recognize Donald Trump as a dangerous populist who will use diversity against people. It is a weakness of democracy. We fight back using free speech and moderated forums like this where the right cannot get in and scare off Obama Obama Trump voters who voted economic and racial anxiety and regreat it because it was all bullshit and they know it now. Just because democracy had a weak momment doesn't mean we throw out democracy and try to offer the country better choices the next time around.

Nazis got people to March and hail. Looks like racists in the US are

getting their base to call AA into police. It is practice for voting. They don't have Obama and Michelle to torment anymore and cultivate the GOP garden of racism with. So the racist base has been deputized like Hitler youth. Act out authoritarianism by calling 911. It could be that the people are self-authoritarianisting to connect to their Trump.
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