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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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And who knows if Russia will see massive, desperate, migration of people

from africa to europe as a fun way to destabilize europe again like Putin did by stopping anyone from winning against Assad in Syria. Nothing stopping him from encouraging wars to get big and go on and on again. This time in Africa. Why would Putin, and Trump for that matter, not want refugees to create intolerance in europe like the syrian exodous did. Intolerance and white supremacy is their game. But they can't quite rule the planet if europe remains liberal.

Don't tell the rich right wing or they'll develop antibiotics only for themselves.

Two tier education. Two tier healthcare (with 'skinny' insurance plans like what the GOP tried to pass). Two tier packages for the sale of 737 Max jets (apparently staying in the air is a luxury when updating software for jets).


How they plan to 'capture' rich liberals into their voting block: by making everything middle class awful and make it a matter of life or death which side of the divide you are on. In canada Trudeau started a Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity in his government and Conservatives started howling. Who does that?

Well then it was vague. There was a problem with coprehention. Biden

did not lie as "you sent your son there" happened when Obama was president and the reporter was vague, perhaps intentionally so, and Biden assumed the wrong president was being referenced. So no lie.But i bet ya the GOP use coprehension games to attack our candidates. Maybe being intentionally vague is a thing with the GOP now. I speak in a vague way as i have conduction aphasia. It was used against me to lead to misleading narratives by a gang of psychopaths. Joe heard a very vague question and assumed more than usual (understanding vagueness requires more assumptions by its very nature) and assumed the reporter was talking about Obama. You said Joe was wrong and he was not. It was a misunderstanding.

This Ukraine investigation by Giuliani is seeking information from

I assume corrupt formet Ukrainian officials allowing for former officials to pay back VP Biden for fighting corruption in their country. This is the targeting of an American for his service to the US as Vice President. Is it not? And Giuliani is leveraging that.



I did not mean to imply stop and frisk is good. After being harrassed and worse in recent history,

in the 20th Century and before, by the police and institutions and laws, african americans being harassed by the police by stop and frisk is not a solution. It just fills the jails with people and then some other poor sucker from the neighbourhood steps into his shoes and makes a little cash and gets some false cred and then he goes to jail. That does not solving anything. That is just moving players around. I have no idea if Bloomberg was good or bad. I've not been on black twitter but something is going right in the AA community these days. And the more they have power and voices to build the world they want to live in the better we all will be. We are all vital to the discussion. And if that hurts Bloomberg... well then the people have spoken. I wonder where you are coming from if you are against people forming a walking neighbourhood watch in their own neighbourhoods.

Read somewhere that stop and frisk is based on stats. That the way to cut

down on crime is to go the the blocks with the worst crime and stop them for traffic reasons and then get the actual criminals on guns and drugs. I guess stopping pedestrians is the same statistical reasoning. But you dragnet up so many more people who are just minding their business and you do it to them again and again. And innocent people are traumatized and racially profiled. The answer is that you cannot police your way out of this sort of gang crime. Policing has its limits.That is what the Toronto poloice chief says and he is right. You need mixed market housing, good schools and good healthcare for all, somehow. Many places around the US and the world accomplish it. I liked when Killer Mike talked about the Georgia or Atlanta government, i can't remember which, gave a certain percentage of contracts to the african americans there. If black architectural firms don't exist then you give a black company of pavers the contract to pave the airports instead of a % of architectual contracts. It is about the spirit of life in cities. And metropolitan consolidation is important too. Adequate taxes. Running stings in white nrighbourhoods to catch white mid and low level drug dealers. You set a goal and fight for the country you want. And it is catchy working together like that. Like when we used to do barn building bees or whatever else we used to do. Winnipeg has a Bear Clan Patrol where indigenous vounteers walk the streets at night in a group of 15 and talk to locals and diffuse things in ways that they can and then call the police if it becomes criminal. They don't target drug (that is the police's job) dealers but walk people to safety and do things like that. They take a photo of the goup before they go out every night in their yellow vests and post it online on twitter. And you know what? they feel vital. And they are. Which is all anyone wants to feel really. Even people who were once addicted to drugs. Probably what the drug user feels in the euphoria is vitality. Probably what the hedge fund manager who chases efficiencies and money like a drug would do well to join the Bear Clan too. Stop and frisk was meant to break the back of drug dealers. It breaks the bond between the police and the community. Bear Clan is the glue... at least in Winnipeg.


Top House Democrat Says Nunes Will 'Quite Likely, Without Question' Face Investigation

Top House Democrat Says Nunes Will ‘Quite Likely, Without Question’ Face Investigation

Emma Tucker at the Daily Beast



Republican Rep. Devin Nunes is likely to face an ethics investigation over allegations he met with an ex-Ukrainian prosecutor at the heart of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee said Saturday. This would be the second investigation by the House Ethics Committee into the California Republican in two years. “Quite likely, without question,” House Armed Services Committee chairman Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash) said when asked by MSNBC’s Joy Reid whether Nunes (R-Calif.), the House Intelligence Committee’s top Republican and a longtime Trump ally, could be investigated. An associate of Rudy Giuliani has claimed to have information on meetings Nunes allegedly had with Viktor Shokin, a former Ukrainian prosecutor general, according to a Friday CNN report.

The CNN report, which Nunes called“demonstrably false,” says Giuliani associate Lev Parnas put Nunes in contact with Shokin as part of a bid to find damaging information on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Shokin, who was ousted from his position for not pursuing corruption investigations in Ukraine, has fueled conservative conspiracy theories that Biden forced Ukrainian authorities to fire him in order to engage in a corrupt cover-up.


Maybe republicans are against mitigating climate change because they

see profit in millions of people living on the coasts around the world having to move? They love creative destruction. Think of the real estate and construction $$$ to be made. On top of making money on the oil and gas that comes from the ground. None of that free stuff like wind, solar or good information for the public. Fat budgets to rebuild infrastructure only when automation has fully destroyed unions will be a windfall. It will be like the change of footing that took place in WW2 only with a profit motive instead of a military one. And more people will die.

You have to wonder if the russians have ordeted Turkey to do this so Trump offers Turkey the F-35.

Then, soon after, one Turkish F-35 can go "missing" over the "black sea" and the Russians can reverse engineer it. Could happen

I think the Climate change is going to Florida republicans' heads. Almost

like who would trust them in business in Florida if they are seen denying the obvious with the GOP. Or maybe they have a lot of beechside real estate to sell and don't want the conflict on climate change with the GOP vs. the World to make it into the news locally. People in Florida know the truth on the climate. And soon it will dawn on everyone in the South as their climates get worse.
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