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I think the Climate change is going to Florida republicans' heads. Almost

like who would trust them in business in Florida if they are seen denying the obvious with the GOP. Or maybe they have a lot of beechside real estate to sell and don't want the conflict on climate change with the GOP vs. the World to make it into the news locally. People in Florida know the truth on the climate. And soon it will dawn on everyone in the South as their climates get worse.

Is Obama creating a precedent for transparency the autocrats will have to follow?

This is not a celebrity endorsement. Obama is a world leader.


Trump's Stooges Throw A Tantrum Because Adam Schiff Won't Let Them Spy On Impeachment


Trumpís Stooges Throw A Tantrum Because Adam Schiff Wonít Let Them Spy On Impeachment



Rep. Jim Jordan threw a fit after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff tossed Trump spy Rep. Matt Gaetz out of the closed impeachment interview of Fiona Hill.

Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted:

Rep. Jim Jordan


.@RepAdamSchiff is conducting his secretive impeachment proceedings in the basement of the Capitol, and now heís kicked @mattgaetz out of todayís deposition.

This testimony should be available to every member of Congress and every single American. What is Schiff hiding?


1:34 PM - Oct 14, 2019

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14.4K people are talking about this

Jim Jordan is lying. Rep. Jordan knows that closed-door hearings are restricted to only members of the committee or committees who are holding the hearing. Members of Congress arenít allowed to crash closed-door hearing.†Gaetz isnít a member of any of the committees that were holding the joint hearing, therefore, he canít be in the room.


Just saw a special on obesity on the Passionate Eye on CBC Television

in Canada. Metabolism is greatly affected by the time you eat. Don't eat after dark. Have your big meals early in the day. And busily looking after your house by cleaning and gardening all day will burn more calories than an hour at the gym. Like almost double. Bigger people burn more than smaller people. Eat all different kinds of vegetable and other plant based fiber to get a big diverse flora going in your gut. Fast food and restaurant eating has gone way up in the past generation and the dishes you eat there have 65% more calories than what you cook at home. The typical british cooking is bad. I can't remember the rest right now. My sister has a diet which is lean protein, a little healthy fat and lots of veggies at every meal. No sugar and carbs only in whole grains once a day. I lost 20 pounds in two months on it. There is also something in trial right now which is the hormones people who have had bariatric surgery have. The hormones that tell them they are so full they could not eat another thing. People are testing out injecting those hormones in obese people for a month and it works. They lose a ton of weight and feel full. They just don't know if it is safe so far so they have only tested it for a month on each person. Looks promising. I do have all these issues. So i'm going to try and eat earlier and better. Goid luck to you.


It is not much of a power grab the GOP has accomplished in the last 40

years, and under Trump, if the constitution becomes unmoored and new precidents are set. The GOP relies on the constitution to enforce the corruption it has legalized over the years. They want the supreme court they own set in stone. They want gerrymandering set in stone. Citizen United alive and well. That is one reason why the some republicans, and their networks and websites, are suddenly for impeachment.Trump is acting like a termite to wood. He's digging tunnels in the constitution all over the place. Whole thing could collapse. A constitutional convention could occur. California might insist on increased senate representation. Reforms of GOP's corruption of the building blocks of the usa could occur. And how would the republican strict constitutionalists decide on Trump's obstruction? Would Trump supporters blame them if republican Supreme Court supported the constitution and democratic impeachment by deciding the House subpeonas are legal? Kind of a Sophie's choice for movement conservatives on the Supreme Court.

I think she said "both extremes" to be diplomatic. Rice has lived in Canada.

And worked here. She knows health care works great when it is public. Even in provinces with small populations. So too it is great when government pays 2/3rds of college expence. But she is right about voters in democracies have to be well informed and work at that. The republicans undid that civic engagement and enlightenment in their base. My grandfather took control of a small German town at the end of WWII. He was totally professional to the people because that is what winning a war required. Show them a better way. The people got together and gave him a german gun because he was so fair. I don't think he wanted to treat them with respect. He had almost died at least once. I think he lost a driver when Polish tanks ran right over his jeep while they were heading for the front. They left my grandfather for dead and found him wandering around a day later in a daze. Head injury. He used to go to Montreal after the war to visit the famous Dr. Penfield and be examined. But as the War ended, showing humanity to your captive townsfolk was the best weapon he had in his arsenal. Humanity means mercy sometimes. Sometimes it means sharing your pain and sometimes it means showing your anger. So too Susan Rice talks of two extremes and the need for americans to be informed. How else do we get there? We are at a turning point.
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