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Marketing theory says you can repackage a product and market it to a different

group of people who could not afford the premium marketed product. That you have several markets for one product. GOP has turned it on its head with their healthcare plans which are only adequate at a premium price. That are sh**ty at the 'skinny plan' price. And of course the 1% can afford Cadillac plans or even no insurance plans at all if you are rich enough. They are doing the same with schools and now it looks like Boeing Max 737 deals where some poorer airlines didn't buy the extra bonus costly software, or something, to warn about sensor issues causing nose dives. These are not just bare bones plans. These plans can kill. IMHO

It is like they are training the public that adequate safety or adequate health care

plans cost a premium. That adequate schools cost a premium. That adequate financial advisors cost a premium. That adequate data costs a premium. If you can't afford that then that is your choice (money (is) and free speech afterall). One airline in canada got the extra bells and whistles. One did not.

Money and (is) free speech is such a con.

Yup. This transactional leadership is not steering US business in the

right direction. Could it be regulations and a high bar for best practices are actually good for business?

Trump doesn't want to offend never Trumpers, midwesterners and independants

who were hoping Mueller would indict. Trump needs them back in the fold for 2020. This is a cognitive opening in people's heads and hearts right now and he doesn't want them to hate him more. After all some of them voted for him. Psychopaths will get kids in their early twenties to follow them in a cult as there is a cognitive opening then too.

I bet the right wing see themselves in having the truth on climate change

on their side: number of human alive is the most significant determinative of climate change. So they are against foreign aid, reducing pollution, they want to continue with fossel fuels, undo any form of good health care, all in the aim of reducing climate change and saving the planet from climate change by increasing it (to reduce populations, including in the USA but to a much greater degree the tropics which is why Trump is so into white supremacy). Truth is that educating women will reduce the birth rate to less than 2 children per woman everywhere within the next 100 years. And to do that you need education and improved health outcomes around the world instead of spending money on increased climate crisis. Which world do you want to live in? That is what you have to ask the MAGA people in your life.

Awe promotes civil society that makes democracies stronger. No wonder

the right wing push their base to act like cult enforcers and turn in black people to authorities who are minding their own business. The right does not want people feeling a part of something bigger or cooperating.

Trump not responsible for low unemployment. Demography is.


By†Andrew Van Dam at the Washington Post


The youngest baby boomers are around 55 years old. The oldest are in their 70s.†Most†Americans donít remember a workforce without the†largest generation.

And yet, as boomers enter their final years in the workforce, their retirements are taking companies by surprise.

In the next five years, almost three-quarters of the companies surveyed in 2018 by Willis Towers Watson, a risk-management and insurance brokerage company, expect to face significant or moderate challenges from late retirements. But because nothing is predictable, a significant share are also worried about early ones.

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