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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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I remember hearing the speech played back. Must have been on the radio.

Mitch McConnel sabotaged Obama at every turn and Trump and others

claimed he was not born in the US. Now Kamala Harris is being separated from her black heritage. I tell you the GOP really does not want the base or independants connecting with a black person as a leader. And if it looks like they will connect, then the person all of a sudden is not black. That is how important the Southern Strategy is to the GOP.

Was neoliberalism the same thing that the U.S. involvement in afghanistan

and star wars in the 1980s and 1990s was to republicans? A ruse beat the Russians by getting them into a arms race till they bankrupt themselves? In the case of the liberal order post 1945, neoliberalism bankrupted liberals and the intellectual elite in the eyes of many across the world. All it took was 30 years and a series of electable puppets as republican presidents. Run up the debt and cut taxes always. I always wondered why they named themselves neoliberals and then turned around and made the world "liberal" a bad one in the 1980s and 90s. But i'm not sure.

You know not leaving oil riches in the ground despite the climate crisis

and private healthcare delivering a sub part health system to the nation are quite alike.

Stephen Miller's it was a "simple decision" reminds me of something.

Does it remind anyone else of "final solution"? Like it is an inside joke? I thought so too when he first said it in 2017.


I thought that Marco Rubio was the crown prince?

Democrats have said they are willing to talk about an immigration policy like canada's.

In canada we don't get many illegal immigrants. Well not until Trump. And when we did get some from mexico we just put visa requirements on them for a few years. We are surrounded by 3 oceans. We take if refugees. We take in lots of people. We need immigrants desperately but they are not so much illegal or as low skilled. In my experience the people who nursed my mom and currently do my dad are way over qualified. They just didn't have money for school back home. And once they arrive they get streamed into schooling in the areas that need workers. One of my friends should be a social worker at the police station. The latest guy who is looking after my dad should be a hotel manager. It is not funny. Some upgrade to a full nursing degree. One man from Rawanda who was a nurse is now Director of care for the nursing home. Good on him. Their children do well. A point system is pretty unfair to the world outside. But many nations have it. I know one woman who is going to get her full nursing degree in canada and then go back home to Angola and open a clinic. I don't think the us can survive without lots of immigrants. Just like canada their future depends on them. It would be full on dystopian nightmare without large numbers of immigrants. I don't like the idea of temporary workers either. That is too aparthidy to me but canada does it.

Quite frankly i am more worried about management practices in business in canada. That is something someone like Elizabeth Warren could tackle. The 18th century management model has got to go. I've worked for many bosses and nastyness and not valueing the whole person and clipping employees wings has got to stop. And i hear things from others. I've worked for government and non profits and some businesses who are the most lovely people. But that thing where you grind your employees into the ground to squeeze every cent of productivity out of them so management gets big bonuses is a crime.

To hook you a cult will give you a vital role to play, to make you feel like

you are as important as you were way back 20,000 years ago when we all lived in villages and everyone had many roles, and you will feel like you are taking on the roles yourself. Suddenly you feel alive. WAKE UP! YOU ARE BEING PAID $14 AN OUR AT YOUR JOB AND YOU WILL SOON LOSE HEALTHCARE WHEN A MACHINE IS COMES FOR YOUR JOB!!!


I think Hamilton is considered part of Toronto by now. Some Raptors landed

in Drake's 767 at the Hamilton Airport and took limos back to Toronto after winning the championship. Toronto winters are not bad. And it is getting warmer every year. They have never lived down the time 25 years ago when they had a two foot snow storm and the frazzled mayor called in the army. They are not used to snow storms. The rest of the country thinks they are wimps. I'm in Ottawa and it definitely gets winter. If you go south of Hamilton to the Niagara Peninsula it is really mild and they actually grow fruit and grapes there. I actually just had a strawberry milkshake made with berries from there. Delicious. If you move to British Columbia they have very mild rainy winters there in the south. But they also have rainy summers. All in all i like the change in seasons. Plus i overheat at the least exertion. I used to power through it and excercise when i was younger but now find it really uncomfy. I take a rag with me to wipe my brow these days in ottawa. Sunny and warm finally. My heat and sweating is so extreme it has to be some scottish-german gene mutation that never caught on. My mom had it too. I definitely belong in the north.

Looking for a narrative of Trump being a victim and by interviewing the CIA in private

they can cherry pick. You are right. Barr's Justice Department will knit any CIA behaviour into a story with a timeline that suits them and leak it. Or lean on the facts when the release the information.. We've already seen Barr do that with the release of his summation of the Mueller Report.
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