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Is this strategic? Are the GOP going to use the anti #MeToo movement

as a wedge issue and corral men into voting for Trump?

Could it be that certain Trump voters connected to Trump because he made gaffs

and was not perfect? Some of these people might find the same in Joe Biden? Maybe these same people connected to George W Bush and Reagan for the same reasons on top of the racism and usual GOP wedge issues. Worth a look.

Why Isn't Trump Trying to Win the Center?

Why Isn’t Trump Trying to Win the Center?

July 8, 2019 at 2:21 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 90 Comments



Jamelle Bouie: “It’s also striking to see how far the president is from the center of American politics. The most expansive Democratic proposals for strengthening the social safety net are far closer to the political mainstream than the great majority of Trump’s actions as president. And he shows no sign of changing course. Trump is still committed to his base, still obsessed with mobilizing his strongest supporters. This may get big crowds in friendly territory, but it might not be enough to win a second term in 2020.”

“A majority of the American electorate — liberals, moderates and even some conservatives — want a greater government role in health care, a higher minimum wage, higher taxes on the rich and less punitive border policies. If Trump isn’t going to move to the center, then their only choice should be the party that, no matter its nominee, backs each item on that list.”


I remember hearing the speech played back. Must have been on the radio.

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