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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
Number of posts: 109,287

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Whatever of BBB doesn't pass, make it a month long ad for that issue. July could be pre-k month

with all Democrats talking about what it is. August could be child tax credit month. And on and on till the midterms. Then start it again if Democrats don't win. This should be the Democrats permanent platform.

If the 71% are like those right wing nutters in Canada's latest

election they will insist on red meat being thrown to them every time the GOP nominee tacks to the center in a federal election. That is what people who follow populist want... to be constantly fed.

Dems need to teach how BBB is all paid for and will grow

the economy not increase the debt. The "socialism" trope GOP is using against Democrats is obviously winning.

Exactly. A diary is only a part of you. Maybe the parts you have no control over or your fears.

I was brought up to be pleasant and pollyannaish. My diaries were about how to see the darkness finally and be perceptive and know the whole wide world and to not be a doormat. You would not know I have so many good eggs in my life because I have ptsd send use my diary to vent. And to protect myself and others from the evil people in my life who got into it in 1988 but I did not start to figure it out till 1996. And all that I have figured out about them since or wonder about since. I don't use it to write down pleasant stuff or pleasant people or pleasant parts of my life. I am usually having an anxiety attack when I write. At least since I started getting anxiety attacks in 1996. And part of that writing is my side of the street... the things I did wrong. Which were limited. I never did anything to the guy who came after me for no reason. I've never done anything to him since.

So he is not afraid of low information voters being used by rich GOP

elites to make bad choices about their health and the health of their neighbours regarding Covid or likewise the health of Democracy. He let's that go. But the poors might make bad choices with an extra $150.00 a month and it must be stopped immediately? Right. If parents are spending money they save with pre-k and and get in child tax credit on drugs every day they should not have custody of their kids.

Tweet if the Afternoon:



Joe Manchin Privately Told Colleagues Parents Use Child Tax Credit Money On Drugs

The West Virginia senator just killed Democrats' agenda. In private negotiations, he questioned whether the poorest Americans would spend financial aid wisely.

By Tara Golshan and Arthur Delaney at the Huffington Post

12/20/2021 05:45am EST | Updated 5 hours ago


WASHINGTON — After months of haggling with President Joe Biden and other Democrats, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) dashed his party’s hopes on Sunday by announcing he wouldn’t vote for the Build Back Better legislation.

Publicly, his biggest gripes are about the cost of the bill. But privately, Manchin has told his colleagues that he essentially doesn’t trust low-income people to spend government money wisely.

In recent months, Manchin has told several of his fellow Democrats that he thought parents would waste monthly child tax credit payments on drugs instead of providing for their children, according to two sources familiar with the senator’s comments.

Continuing the child tax credit for another year is a core part of the Build Back Better legislation that Democrats had hoped to pass by the end of the year. The policy has already cut child poverty by nearly 30%.


Hang it around their necks. Make them vote on it the things within are

liked by 52% to 68% of Americans. The 2022 midterm call should be (pictures of Senate Republicans) with the motto "See, this is why we can't have nice things" underneath.

Personally, I think this is one of the main reasons the right wing leadership

is against Covid mitigation. This teaches hatred of those who are irresponsible. It is the basis of libertarianism to make people wholly responsible for their lot in life so that society has no responsibility to those who have poor options when they start out in life. I worry it is the slippery slope they most like about Covid: the chance to social engineering liberals. They never let a 'good crisis' go to waste. I agree the great unvaxxed and unmasked are killing innocents by taking up beds and spreading more disease. Maybe the Singapore idea of not paying for hospital stays of the unvaxxed if they get Covid-19 should be threatened (but not implemented). Vaccine passports work too. They get people to get the jab if they can't go out to a restaurant when things calm down.

And somebody placed bombs at the Republican and Democratic

Headquarters in Washington the night before Jan 6th I think.... we're they hoping to inflame antifa that way?

Maybe the young will get out and vote in 2022?

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