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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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The Rich GOP say they want freedom, so how is showing fealty to Trump

and his mob freedom? It breaks one's spirit. No extra length of lazy river in the backyard pool renovation is going to mitigate that they are no longer masters of their own domains. People who would do anything for power don't really have agency anymore. They are peons. Corruption works like that. You end up intertwined, not free and a bit more dead inside because they know they kissed the ring of someone they don't respect.

I wonder if they worried authorities might be checking out their air b&bs

while they demonstrated tuesday night to get intel on their intentions, so vanilla isis took the helmets, zip ties, noose, and the bear spray with them in knapsacks, and preplanned that. Hypocrites love to teach others into being hypocritical to increase the humiliation of some other, and what could be more hypocritical than to act peaceful at a Jan 5th rally with a can of bearspray on your back. They must of had some insider police info from at least one member of the mob who 1) was police 2) travelled to washington to do an insurrection or helped plan it 3) knew police tactics of assessing the threat of rallies involving extremists. Like the FBI guy said on Bill Maher last week the authorities can be anywhere on the political extremist scale, just like any american. And there were at least 3 at the Capitol. I'm speculating. Who knows.

At the Demonstration Jan 5th the future insurrectionists went to, I pointed

out so many had knapsacks. I wondered why because normally a few people will be wearing one at any kind of demonstration. But never almost everyone. We speculated what was in the knapsacks and did someone send out instructions.


Do you think a huge part of those out Tuesday night had instructions?

I think he wants to run for President. He pushed Marco Rubio to get

back into politics after Rubio quit them after the 2016 nomination race. Then Ryan quit himself within 2 years. I guess he didn't want to get the appeaser/nevertrumper stink on him. Just speculating.

There is regression analysis out that says when people suffer

financial anxiety they think irrationally rather than rationally. Seems if they don't have a place in the middle class some will follow anything. We need to peel off the follower types from the pure evil types. Give them a good paying job and they will dream of a good retirement, maybe a cabin in the woods, rather than dream of the next Trump rally because thinking of their financial penury in retirement does not feel good and belonging to Trump does. We want them rational so they will be open to words.

Now they are purging. I don't think they reflect at all. They are talking too

about changing how the elites are educated. Saw that somewhere. Purges, re-education of elites... it is all so cambodia in the 1970s. At the very least we know what history they are reading.

Some republicans will never acknowledge Biden won because they

need the false narrative that the election was fraudulent in order to massively upend the electoral process and suppress more black votes (and other urban and suburban votes) in the future like awarding electoral college votes according to gerrymandered districts in the state ... or some things like that. IMHO They are already plotting. They are machines. The rest of humanity is exhausted by the events of the last two weeks.

This is how all the residents and staff at long term homes got vaccines in 3 days


They had busloads of paramedics arrive at a longterm care homes. I guess they could do the building fast and thus did not need the freezers for the vaccine. Kind of bad ass, guerilla medicine. But i guess it only works in a city that is not underwater with covid victims needing transport to hospitals so the paramedics were freer.

Just an fyi.

Facism requires the cooperation of corporations. Maybe ceo don't want to live in a country filled

with corruption and human rights abuses. Will affect their bottom line as they are american identifyed all around the world and their could be boycotts. Maybe they will rethink destroying the middle class. Graft, drugs, terrorism and kidnappings are then the only way to make enough to buy a car or a tv, if you are anyway inclined to be aggressive, when you destroy the middle class. That's not a fun place to live for rich people. Or anybody else.

I thought it was supposed to be hatred of big tech that was to be the unifying 'other'

Republicans can hate and attack to glue their party back together. But i guess losing the internet for a week is a good thing as vanilla isis can't discuss how they hate republicans now. Not this week. It is an opportunity for old time Republicans to mend the chism. Remember the RNC got a pipebomb as well as the DNC. I guess the GOP likes big tech this week. So attacking Biden it is.
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