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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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This whole anti cancel culture meme and making protests illegal

is because they known the public is going to roar at their new election laws. They don't want boycotts or the public pressuring corporations to unfund republicans. They know it will be mayhem and they want any outlet of strength the public has to be stopped so they feel weak, instead of energized, come election time. It is about creating submission.

It becomes a choice, not about a party platform, but about what kind of person you want to be

and what kind of family you raise. It goes against the aspirations of the majority of people. The majority of people want to live good honest lives. A certain percentage don't. I think the egos and narcissism of the leaders in the GOP have them wearing foggy goggles. So we agree.

They think people are subterranean racists just waiting for a leader.

The GOP seemed confused educated elites did not vote Trump. They should prepare themselves to be dissappointed in the lack of racism in people who just want to peacefully co-exist when push comes to shove.

Trying to scare people into supporting GOP authoritarianism to protect against

authoritarianism's dangers. Just like the Nazis did.

Is this a trend? First Ron Johnson claims it is normal to be afraid of BLM

VS a white mob if seditionists and now some women has feelings on a black woman taking money out of her account? Have they been told to stop calling the authorities on black people doing their jobs and start exploring their feelings on people of colour in their outside voice? To keep the racist magic going?

He put something like "if Trump had won the election" in his statement.

Was "Afraid of blacks" a way to embed that Trump lost deep in the reptillian brains of followers? Maybe they calculate that they can't win in 2022 if their followers don't believe Trump lost and they would be forced to lead them with lies that were obviously anti-democratic to the majority of the country? Either way that is some psychopathic ****!

40+ % of republicans will see who cares and who doesn't. Could not be a starker

contrast than this week: one governor threatening cities to undo mask order; one doing everything and more so he can to get people vaccinated and therefore fewer deaths. Like every person counts. And then Sen. Scott of Florida counsels red states to not accept some large part of Recovery Plan money. They have a garden of callousness in voters to tend to obviously.

With 50+ % republicans not wanting vaccines that means 40+% do. While

Abbott and like minded governors undo the mask mandate, more than 75% of the people in their states take the virus seriously if you include Democrats and independants. Biden was right to get 100 million more doses this week and reach herd immunity before the variants get out if hand. 75% of people in those states will know who cares. They know who doesn't.

The word "socialism"will mean nothing bad if they keep using it for things that have 70%

support amongst the American people.

I guess Republicans want to do it fast so it will go through the courts and,

with the variety of republican states voting suppression tactics presented to the courts, they can see what will make it through the Supreme court and be bullet proof to Democratic challenges by the elections.
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