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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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She's running around on a dopamine opioid receptor high. Some psychopath

has love bombed and either turned her straight with his sweet words or convinced her she will be president some day if she sticks to the script. She's floating around like a butterfly. Watch her.

Fulton County Prosecutor Calls for FBI Help

Fulton County Prosecutor Calls for FBI Help

January 31, 2022 at 10:46 am EST By Taegan Goddard 107 Comments



The Fulton County district attorney is asking for the FBI’s help in providing security a day after former President Donald Trump called prosecutors investigating him “racists” and said his supporters should hold “the biggest protests we have ever had” in cities like Atlanta if the prosecutors “do anything wrong or illegal,” CNN reports.


Is Trump and the fascist right trying to string the FBI out so much with multiple investigations that they function less well?

Fascists trying to grow their numbers and capture people wary

of vaccines into their movement. You know give the country and those frustrated a week long emotional, inflection point. Right now there are a bit more than a million people who voted against vaccines in the election this fall. Maybe more. But Canada is 80% vaccinated. That in a country of 38 million. The undemocratic right need to grow the movement. Canadians do not like Trump or the lack of Democracy in the USA. The truckers raised $8million. The city wants some of that for clean up and policing. They are like Jan 6 in that some of them are sh***ing everywhere (outside). But that is a small percentage of the thousands who came. Lots of hangers-on in pick up trucks and suvs who came to have something exciting to do. They are the ones with some nazi or Confederate paraphernalia. All in all the bad people are small in numbers. Police are continually de-escalating. No one has been arrested. Some claim they will not leave until their demands are met. Nobody told them it is the provinces responsible for the health regulations at the border. Some organizer factions demands are that the Governor General and leader of the senate depose Trudeau. Basically babies. Freedom!!! Crowd is getting more aggressive today apparently. Fascist in that the German people were given Hitler rallies to change their thinking by Hitler. Again and again. There were a whole bunch of anonymous donations to the Go Fund Me account. Some people like the idea of kabuki theater so they can control the masses but do not want it to be known they are anti democratic. Cross border truckers have to be vaccinated if they cross into the US. So it is all bullshit promising something the Government cannot deliver on to grow fascism in Canada. Intentionally frustrating anti vax truckers, holding a playdate for racists, trying out the new "no you're the nazis" meme of fascists and creating wedges amongst canadians. Nobody is saying you can't demonstrate. Idiots have defiled some emotional totems. Some in the mob forced a homeless shelter to feed them. Percentage wise we are nowhere near as divided as the US is. But they are giving it a good try. Basically the vast majority of Canadians have a bad opinion of Trump so by using the fig leaf "Truckers" they are trying to grow the fascism here. At least some are. Meanwhile Trump gently supports the convoy. Trump Jr wishes there were convoys in the US. Very polite. Complimentary. There is some grooming going on.

(Humour) The Beaverton - Health Care Convoy Cancelled

One burned-out nurse, who hadn’t slept in 36 hours, said that she did not have a full week to drive across Canada and call herself a hero for it.


OTTAWA – A much anticipated convoy of nurses, doctors, personal support workers, and other healthcare professionals have once again called off their trip to Parliament Hill after being called into work for the next 16 hours, possibly longer.

Plans were put off for the 720th time to vocalize their positions, which may have highlighted the critical staffing shortages, self-destructive government policies, and lack of pandemic preparation, claiming that they had to work a double shift.

“I really wanted to send our message to all the politicians in Ottawa that…,” said one ER doctor in a crowded hospital before he was interrupted by a code blue situation.

There were no hospital staff available to give their opinions on whether vaccine mandates were necessary as they were too busy treating the opponents of the vaccine mandates.

One burned-out nurse, who hadn’t slept in 36 hours, said that she did not have a full week to drive across Canada and call herself a hero for it.

Cancer patients who have had critical appointments cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreaks were unable to attend any rally claiming that they did not want to die.

At press time, ICU staff polled said that they didn’t have enough time to deal with the Freedom Rally protestors’ bullshit unless it involved intubating them.


Great meme: "you've lost the plot - the plot being, your humanity"


I hope it goes viral.

As found on another DU thread. I thought it was so powerful and universal I had to start a new thread with it


Turns out if you keep throwing bloody meat at them, in the form of pain for others,

especially elites, the populist supporters will follow anyone. Being anti vax or anti mask does that.

TFG's Hold on GOP May Be Loosening

Trump’s Hold on GOP May Be Loosening

January 29, 2022 at 10:17 am EST By Taegan Goddard 98 Comments



A new AP-NORC poll finds Donald Trump’s popularity among Republicans is declining somewhat, with 71% saying they have a favorable opinion of Trump compared with 78% in a September 2020 poll.

The new poll shows only a narrow majority of Republicans — 56% — want Trump to run for president in 2024.

Dan Balz: “No one should underestimate former president Donald Trump’s standing within the Republican Party, especially the passionate allegiance of a substantial part of the GOP base. But there are some signs that, since the assault on the Capitol last year, his support within the party may not be quite as robust as it once was.”


My Dad was a lobbyist for Trucking companies and truckers in Ottawa.

When the government wanted to regulate dangerous goods his clients wanted him to stop it or at least minimize the regulations. My dad hit is limit of what he was willing to do and pushed back. They pulled the financial support for the trucking trade association he managed. He hired consultants to write booklets and put together kits on the new regulations. He then sold the kits back to truckers. They decided to keep him on. Thing is he was in the running for becoming the lobbyist for the beer industry in Ottawa when he got into lobbying. He decided to go for Trucking because he would feel guilty selling beer in a recession. Now here he was paying salaries out of his own pocket, I think, because some truckers can be MF***ers. He would have been better off working with the beer industry. We knew the people who got that job with the beer industry and they had free samples. LOL! My dad's background was with the Liberal Party where he was in charge of having teas with rich old Liberal women to fundraise. The Liberals were in power so he had his pick of where to lobby. He mentored a young environmental lobbyist who became the leader of the Green Party in Canada too.

You did a good thing. It is not easy to blow the whistle in a situation like that. Know that you have saved lives. Quite the cap to a long and principled career.

The Democrats need to do a map of all the things a great majority want or are

afraid of then come up with policy that nails that demographic. Kind of like Republicans and revived critical racial history and how they tied it to parents being unhappy at their kids not being in school these last years. Like beanie babies. When they came up with that, the concept was something that cost $5, that kids could be addicted too (and parents) and that could be placed near the checkout. The fact that they ended up being stuffed and baby and animals came later.

The good news is the MAGA populist base has to be fed red meat so neither

one will be able to tack to the middle. There base will want to be affirmed as racists/commie hating rugged individuals constantly. If the 2024 candidate for the GOP tries to quiet the feeding frenzy during the election Democrats can step in a feed the base with saucy memes. I'm thinking things like: "Barbara Streisand, Biden supporter, is a known thespian in LA" or "Trump is a sweetheart" and and him quote Bambi using Bambi's voice in a meme". Because that is what neighbours do. The base will demand that Trump or DeSantis be nasty so they can re-affirm their toxic relationship. DeSantis nor Trump will not be able to tack center if they keep being pulled back into MAGA world.
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