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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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There has been an attack on Justin in Canada and the US lately. Part of

it is Poilievre the new Conservative leader. Part of it was the Republican right getting that Trudeau was like a Gavin Newsome of the north instituting progressive policies and being followed by many Americans. Canada has been an imaginary escape hatch for some in the US. Months ago Fox News was hating on him. Trudeau is honest and truly wants the middle class to thrive. He doesn't have a huge facade like the Republican Party does. He Admits he is a geek. When he won an election he created a Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity and the Conservatives howled. That shows you what the Conservatives think of a healthy middle class. Americans are struggling and looking for a way out of their troubles. Republicans don't want it to be an example of fully functioning liberal democracy and its retail politician Prime Minister. After all it is about sucking all the liberal oxygen out of the room.

When they had union jobs or farms with subsidies they dreamed of retiring

to a fishing lake. And it was within their grasp. They were self actualized. Then came forty years of anti-union GOP policy and those dreams died. People suffering from financial anxiety think less with reason more with emotion. Trump gave many a home. Events to dream about. Cosplay and roles to take on that are seemingly real (Jan 6). They get to dress up. In the short term it reduces anxiety. He gave them a false dream. Biden is fighting back by trying to give people financial hope. Then inflation comes along and short term thinking takes over again.

And there is no better way to depress the democratic vote than to tell them they are not in danger.

That should ignore polls that put Republicans ahead or we should discount 'worry about the economy' as the top of voters concerns.

We should be screaming danger! Danger! DANGER! on the rooftops. Vote vote vote.

In 2004 exit polls the day of the election had Kerry way ahead of Bush by two PM. It depressed the Democratic vote for the rest of the day. My guess it was harried democrats coming home at the end if the day, juggling kids, dinner and voting and hearing John Kerry was way out ahead they didn't need to vote. EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE.

DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! Republican House ahead.

Telling people to ignore bad news polls is gaslighting.

Flame away.

Kill the messenger, relief bombed by the source. (If the GOP only want to reform SS and Medicare)

Heather Cox Richardson goes into how the GOP wants to make 'reforms' to SS. If it is only retirement age and other reforms, you are being abused. If it is the destruction of both programs you are ****ed. For months the odd Rick Scott type have been talking about sun setting it. Democrats delivered the message and now if the GOP is only talking about tweaking it, that is a manipulative, manipulative play. So Democrats get blamed for bearing false bad news and voters feel relief from their overlords the GOP. De Santis has been using this technique for the last year. That affinity you are feeling for those who decide not to hurt you as much when they were the source of hurt is not love, or like, it is relief and you are in an abusive relationship. Don't vote for your abuser.

Republicans abandon Obamacare repeal (Me: to no good end)

Republicans abandon Obamacare repeal

On Capitol Hill and the 2022 campaign trail, the party's appetite for undoing former President Obama's signature law has faded, lawmakers and candidates say.

Oct. 2, 2022, 7:30 AM EDT

By Sahil Kapur



Why don’t we go on offense as Republicans and not get trapped into the question about repealing the ACA? Our health care system was garbage by government regulation before the ACA. The ACA just made it worse,” Roy said.

A budget plan released in June by Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., who chairs the conservative Republican Study Committee, proposes to “unwind the ACA’s Washington-centric approach” and consider other solutions for pre-existing conditions. But when asked whether repealing the law should be part of the Republican agenda if the party recaptures the House this fall, Banks said, “I’ll defer to leader McCarthy on what that agenda will look like.”

Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., a member of the Republican Study Committee, was blunter when he was asked whether he expects a new Republican House majority to pursue ACA repeal.

“I don’t think that’s on the table,” he said.


Applegrove: if they want to keep the ACA it is to catch all the people who fall out of Medicare when the GOP sunsets it. Said old people need a place to go where their preexisting conditions will be allowed by private insurance. There is no way the GOP could sunset Medicare without the ACA and protection for the old people, making a false soft landing. Otherwise there would be riots on the streets. Then the suddenly senior heavy ACA will collapse as private insurance tries to make a profit and up the insurance rates for all. Healthy young and rich old will skip the ACA and its' steep premiums. Then, once it collapses, the USA will be filled with rugged individuals and dead people, and no taxes for the right wing rich to pay. Oh and no run on old age homes and no runs on cancer centers as only those with $$$$ will get treatment. No intergenerational transfer of wealth in the middle class. The health care conglomerates and health insurance corporations will have it all. Proving once again it is about bankrupting the middle class so the rich right wing never face off against people with power. Rich lefties will take one look at the chaos that replaced the middle class and be corrupted into hoarding wealth for themselves and their children. .
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