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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Tweet of the Early Evening:


Dyslexics work in small little narratives. They keep their narratives

separate. Then they take some of those narratives and make a big picture on that. They test it out and either count or discount it. Then they take another bunch of short and separate narratives and make a big picture on that. If Trump the Dyslexic is trying to appeal to other dyslexics (10 to 15% of the population) the stories do not have to match as they would in one long narrative. It is the scientific method of sussing out reality. Trial and error. Hypothesis. A whole bunch of assumptions come into play when you tell one long narrative that fits. Why would reality have a beginning and middle a climax and and end? That is for language people who got power by their ability to bond over long stories and create the human constructs that make civilization. Two diametrically opposed ways of perceiving the world. If 10% to 15% of Americans are not defending the long stories that came before (like democracy (which is a long story)) and will connect better with little short narratives that don't follow each other and you want their votes you might talk like that too. And pepper each little narrative you give them with lies is what he is doing. Like freedom is a Republican thing rather than a democratic thing make it to the top with completely separate (yeah right) freedom convoy in Canada on the right. ASTRO turf 100s of little freedom narratives to be on the right (parental rights in schools=freedom) and on and on. That is what Republicans do on the right... they turn dyslexics into liars (Reagan, Bushes 1 and 2, Trump was always a liar. Not to be confused with dyslexics who are most often not liars: Washington. Teddy Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kennedy, Churchill, Woodrow Wilson). But in the last few days the narrative in Ukraine has been so dynamic, with so many little stories of Ukrainians being so brave and Putin so reviled, that the bullshit machine on the right was no match and the dyslexics would hypothesize and then keep what a colossal needless horror this war is, and what attack on freedoms really look like, top of mind. So Trump and Tucker backtrack. They are no match for reality with so many moving parts and little narratives and emotional moments as this Ukraine War has. Reality breaks through.

Putin wrote a fevered history of Russia and Ukrain in July 2021. So much

for the theory he decided to attack Ukraine because Biden was weak on the Afghanistan withdrawal a month later.


People will die so Putin can build up his ego..... Hey that is the GOP motto: die

people so the rich right wing can make more money than they will ever need to pump up their egos. No wonder the right wing rich plutocrats supports Putin.

# The Karen Convoy (great meme):


So first it was about vaccine mandates, then it was about mandates only, science was suddenly not to be attacked. Week three it is about Freedom. As Jordan Klepper said to a protester: "are you going to be sharing that with the US?".


Canadian Conservatives GASLIGHT too.


Applegrove: Last week someone group was running around saying it was not anti-vax in was anti-mandates that the truckers were protesting in downtown Ottawa and on the cb radio app. They kept correcting the actual protestors. The conservatives/Republicans/MAGAs/Plutocrats/authoritarians have seen the future and it is being pro-science. So they ri-jig (or should I say re-jab) their message. They are only anti-mandate..... oh course you are.

Many Conservatives were for the Convoy until a flip last week.

I am reminded of when Miami Vice got popular and Don Johnson said he no longer

wanted to be seen with Philip Michael Thomas because he had a brand to protect. Doug Ford is an ***hole for not attending meetings these last few days with the federal government and the Mayors of cities that have truckers stinking and jamming everything up. No doubt Ford plans to run federally one day.

A mandate grievance can be a grievance about any kind of health mandate:

vaccines, staying isolated at home, masks, vaccine passports. Many more juicy targets for grievance there. And the flip side of mandates is FREEDOM. IMHO

They are trying to co-opt the message. I do not know if they have succeeded.

I agree with you. Mandates are important but the truckers were

all vaccine phobic and they all put down the vaccine and maybe that is not the horse the right wing wants to ride this truck into town on. Mandates are different that the vaccine with no mandate. People like us love love love the vaccine. To grow the populists numbers they have to get some vaccinated people. In Canada 67% are fine with a mandate for people to get vaccinated. So they won't get those 67% to go trucker populist. But the other 25 percent, some of whom are vaccinated, they want to attract them with their grievances and saying mandates are bad, instead of saying vaccines are bad, speaks to those people vaccinated but who might fall for the Plutocrat populism where liberal educated elites and science is torn down all to benefit right wing plutocrats who want libertarianism.
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