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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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Authoritarians turn democracies into their own colonies to be corrupted from the inside.

No surprise someone like her is corrupt and in this scenario the middle class are the Indigenous people to be made powerless by ruining realtor protocol. Is the daughter qualified? Will it hurt her customers? Will it hurt the realtor whose place she took. Thousands of little hits to democracy.

And that they want to gut social security and Medicare that will

force today's seniors, who were the generation to leave a lot of wealth to their children, well they'll have to go into savings if they have any. If not then they'll have to borrow from their kids to survive. This is about the GOP wanting 'snow walkers'. Snow Walkers is a Farley Mowatt story about an elderly arctic inuit who walk away from their home one winter night and perish so they do not use up the resources of the younger generation. The ultimate sacrifice. The GOP sure are focused on the bad fare of the aged in the USA. But it will sap the younger middle class too. People should know that. It is a money and power grab some more.

He's focused on the former MAGAs or soon to be former MAGAs.

It used to be Republicans did perpetual campaigning. Now they do perpetual cold

war, and sometimes a hot war like Jan 6th.

She seems to be referencing what Rick Scott talked about sunsetting:

SS and Medicare. Just guessing.

Another former republican voting Beto Tweet:

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