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Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2005, 03:11 PM
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'This Government Is Not God': Marjorie Taylor Green Explains Why She Refused to Honor Those Who Pro

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to award Congressional Gold Medals to the Capitol Police, the D.C. police, and the Smithsonian Institution in recognition of their service in protecting the U.S. Capitol on January 6, when it was attacked and overrun by Trump-loving insurrectionists bent on preventing Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

Only 12 House members voted against the resolution, all of them Republicans. Among them was right-wing conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, who took to Facebook following the vote to explain that she had opposed it because, among other things, the resolution referred to the Capitol as “the temple of our American Democracy,” which she felt was an insult to God.

“There were a few things in this bill that really bothered me and caused me to vote ‘no,'” she said. “Number one: Nancy Pelosi called the Capitol ‘a temple.’ You know, it’s the Democrats that worship government as if government is some kind of God. And the government will never be God, and it can never be God. There’s only one God and he created all things that we know and see and hear and feel and experience in our life. God created creation. This government is not God and this Capitol is not a temple. I will not vote for that. I will not give that a stamp of my approval, and I know for a fact that people back home in my district in Georgia will not give that a stamp of their approval. We do not believe the Capitol is a temple, so therefore I cannot vote for that.”

This woman is the word "deplorable" personified.

And no, we don't view the government as a god, you idiot.

Fox News *slammed* for Tucker Cam during Biden's speech


Fox News - keeping it classy as always!

Mike Lindell Rumored To Start Own Social Media Site


Oh yeah? I'll start my own social media site! With blackjack! And hookers!

Johnson & Johnson's vaccine has some unique features that make it the single best tool for ending th

In years to come, the COVID-19 vaccination rollout will be seen as a historic effort between the public and private sector, but for now, the Biden administration and states have their work cut out for them. Vaccinating an entire country is no easy feat; it requires coordinated planning between manufacturers and distributors. And a successful rollout can occur only with a strong, transparent supply chain. The logistical requirements for production and the increased public demand for timely vaccinations are at an unprecedented scale, but the approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may be the jolt this effort needs.
Injecting optimism in our supply chain

From a supply-chain perspective, the J&J vaccine is one of the most efficient tools available for accelerating the end of the pandemic. The newly authorized vaccine creates supply-chain benefits that allow for fast, efficient, and safe production, and production of any vaccine is the first step to the pandemic's end. But unleashing the full potential of the J&J vaccine to reach target vaccination goals will depend on transparent distribution and planning by the federal government and states.

The J&J vaccine offers several advantages for realizing vaccination goals. The vaccines in production — the messenger RNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — were developed faster but require technological upgrades for some existing production facilities. The J&J vaccine, on the other hand, mirrors the types of vaccines that have been produced for years and years, so existing plants can start making it right away — with the potential of producing 100 million doses for the US vaccine supply chain from mid-March to June. Once produced, the J&J vaccine will be easier to store and ship, as existing cold-chain technology will suffice and extremely cold facilities will not be necessary.

For those of you doubting the J&J vaccine, doubt no more. This is big and it could be huge for ending this nightmare and getting us back to normality. The J&J vaccine is one shot, does not need a follow up appointment, and can be produced and modified without resorting to being stored at sub zero temperatures. If you can take it, get it!

Kevin McCarthy Reads Green Eggs & Ham


OMG really? People are dying and the economy is tanking and all they care about is fucking children's books? This is the hill they're choosing to die on?

What happens at CPAC stays at CPAC!


Today in "Not A Cult": Pro Trump rap.

Yes this is real. Yes, there are a whole slew of white conservatives attempting to rap. There is an entire genre of this. I wish I was making this up.


Armageddon Update: Vaccine Nation

Vaccine deniers are a strange and scary bunch. And yeah just like Titus I hate being locked down.

Ted Cruz Goes Full Fire & Brimstone


He kind of looks like one of those fire and brimstone pastors too.

QAnon-Promoting 2020 Congressional Candidate Angela Stanton King Scheduled to Speak at CPAC 2021

Angela Stanton King, a promoter of QAnon conspiracy theories and anti-LGBTQ bigotry, is scheduled to speak at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference on a Sunday afternoon panel shortly before former President Donald Trump speaks. Stanton King spoke at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C. the night before the Capitol insurrection, where she praised Trump for standing up to demons and told the crowd Trump could still win because “God makes miraculous things happen.”

Stanton King is scheduled to be on a panel with other “new voices.” One of them, Young Pharaoh, was reportedly disinvited from CPAC on Monday after Media Matters reported on anti-Semitic statements he has made.

Stanton King was pardoned last March by Trump over a conviction related to her involvement with a car-theft ring. She ran for Congress later that year, declaring in July, “God sent me.” She also tweeted that month that she would be Kanye West’s running mate in 2024. Last August, she took a bigoted swipe at Kamala Harris’ husband, family, and heritage.

In the November general election, running as the GOP nominee, Stanton King drew about 15 percent in the Georgia congressional district that was represented by the late civil rights icon John Lewis. (When Lewis died during she summer, she tweeted, “Pass the torch, don’t die with it in your hand.”)

Meanwhile, on Tucker Carlson: "Derp... what's Q Anon? We searched and couldn't find it!"

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