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These are the people who have the nerve to call us "sheep".


The People's Convoy Can't Stop Their Own Dogs From Peeing on Their Food

Many things have given the People’s Convoy problems, from Beltway commuters flipping them off to their vehicles breaking down on the interstate to legislators on Capitol Hill not meeting with them. But now, in California, they have a new issue on their hands: Their own dogs are urinating on their food. “I do have to do something about the dogs,” trucker Ron Coleman, who goes by the alias Grey Wolf, said over the weekend. “I am trying to figure out how to be sensitive enough to let the people with the dogs know that their dogs are peeing on our food.” “We caught male dogs peeing on it,” he continued while stressing that “food has to be thrown away” that was urinated on by the canines at their makeshift camp. “We cannot have the dogs where we are keeping the food.” Following Coleman’s declaration, members of the convoy at the campsite were left to argue over where dogs at the camp should and shouldn’t be allowed to roam. Since leaving the Washington, D.C., area, the anti-COVID-19 vaccine convoy has drastically become smaller, with most losing interest after accomplishing very little besides burning fuel.

Good doggies!

How Disney became a self-governing kingdom in Florida that Ron DeSantis and state Republicans...

Now want to unravel:

The Florida state legislature in 1967 created the Reedy Creek Improvement District whose landowners, primarily Walt Disney World, would pay for its municipal services at a time when the nearest power and water lines were up to 15 miles away. The charter even allowed the District to build its own nuclear power plant if it wanted.

Now Florida Republicans want to terminate Reedy Creek as a feud with Disney unfolds over legislation known by critics as "Don't Say Gay," which limits teachers' instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity.

"Disney is a guest in Florida," state Rep. Randy Fine, a Republican who sponsored legislation to terminate the District, told Insider. "They're a California company that clearly has California values. And they come to this state as our guest and they ask for special privileges that no other company in the state of Florida has, including their competitors.

"Universal doesn't get these. Legoland doesn't get these. SeaWorld doesn't get these. And then they want to disrespect the voters of the state on a bill that is overwhelmingly approved by every demographic, including Biden voters. Well, you know, when my kids ask for special privileges, they don't act like jerks," Fine added.

Fuck you, assholes. Nobody asked for this "don't say gay" bill and the rest of the world is horrified by it. It's completely draconian and will get people killed. Ron DeSantis is a fucking maniac who should not be in any sort of position of authority. And you're not welcome in my state, by the way.

Fox News Surprised to Learn It's on Trump's Truth Social

Twitter reject Donald Trump launching his own social-media site where “tweets” are called “truths” is inherently hilarious. But Truth Social is really outdoing itself in its apparent quest to make its name as ironic as possible.

Truth Social is billed as a bastion of free speech where users can speak their minds and read the musings of people who have been “canceled” by Twitter and other social-media companies (like, most importantly, Trump himself). Devin Nunes, who resigned from Congress to be CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group, explained on Fox News earlier this year, “Our main goal here is to give people their voice back … the opposite of some Silicon Valley tech-oligarch freak telling people what they want to think and deciding who can or cannot be on the platform.”

But nearly two months after its launch on Apple’s App Store, few are able to express or learn any “truths” on the Twitter clone. Trump himself has only posted once. Most people simply can’t access Truth Social, as it’s not available on the Google Play Store and there is no desktop version. Many iPhone users who did manage to create an account were put on a wait list that doesn’t appear to be moving (Truth Social said I was number 1,385,001 on March 24, and today I’m still number 1,385,001).

Fooling these idiots is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Hey MSNBC - literally none of these are real issues!


We should be telling Fox News to fuck off. This is literally playing right into their playbook. If we want the country to be run by spoiled toddlers and the fucking morons running in Georgia, we'll call them. But we need the adults in charge right now.

Didn't think it was possible, but they've even managed to ruin Scooby Doo...


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