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Member since: Wed Apr 20, 2005, 08:45 AM
Number of posts: 6,543

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Please remember while Officer Daniel Hodges testifies

The day after almost being rushed to death, after being beaten, sprayed with chemicals, crushed by a mob he said

“ it was his pleasure to "crush a white nationalist insurrection."

"If it wasn't my job I would have done that for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection," Daniel Hodges told NBC. "I'm glad I was in a position to be able to help. We'll do it as many times as it takes."

Hodges said he was pinned to the doorway while trying to push back the mob.

"They ripped my mask off. Stole my equipment. Beat me up. Sprayed me with everything," he said.
Posted by bottomofthehill | Tue Jul 27, 2021, 11:18 AM (48 replies)

The Winter Whitehouse (sarcasm), but only partly

I am thinking the Federal Government is going to have to take Mar a largo via Eminent Domain so that President Biden has the use of the Winter Whitehouse. Then the Secret Service will not have to pay those crazy bills to stay there when the President is there. TFG can stay there when the President is not there but there will be no more padding his pockets.
Posted by bottomofthehill | Tue Jul 13, 2021, 10:10 PM (10 replies)

I spent most of yesterday thinking and reflecting on what happened to our country 6 months ago

I reviewed my notes from that evening while everything was fresh in my mind. Here we are 6 months later I still can not believe that an insurrection took place, that the US Capitol was breached, the US Capitol, the most recognizable symbol of our democracy came under attack.

I am stunned that so many are not willing to believe their own eyes. They saw the attack, they know what happened, but, backed by FOX, OAN and others, they are acting as if what they saw was not real. It’s like it was a UFO, they know they saw something but they are not really sure what they saw.

The attack was violent, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the fear, the anger, the hostility, it was real, it happened, and I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone could not understand that.

It really worries me, we can laugh about stupid people believing in “alternative facts”, that the President is 6’4 and 240, that his inauguration was the largest ever, that Covid would just go away, that we would be open by Easter, that the vaccine is worse than covid…….the lies go on, but really, we all saw it, some closer than others

People died, a police officer was killed, two more later took their own lives, insurrectionists died and one was killed by a police officer. The building was in shambles, trash, weapons, broken glass and furniture, blood, shit and piss, yet members of Congress, those who were there will now tell us it was like any other tourist visit to the building.

I don’t understand, we all saw it, some live, some on tv in real time, some hours and days later, hell, the FB I just released new footage today.

We all need to wake the fuck up….. this happened, it was a real attempt to end the American experience in democracy and all these right wing fakers still try to tell us differently.

Posted by bottomofthehill | Wed Jul 7, 2021, 12:30 AM (4 replies)

Absolutely insane ride home in Washington DC Suburbs

Literally almost blown off 395. I know how Dorothy felt. Trees were bending every which way.
Posted by bottomofthehill | Thu Jul 1, 2021, 09:36 PM (7 replies)
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