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Gender: Female
Hometown: NYC
Home country: USA
Current location: Durham, NC
Member since: Sat May 7, 2005, 11:13 PM
Number of posts: 30,638

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Alito doesn't know history, doesn't know science,

doesn't know shit. All he knows is what he wants to know, whether it's factual or not, that will support his particular religious belief system.

Abortion was commonly accepted from the time of the Pilgrims in the Colonies through about the mid to late1800's. Pregnant women used primarily abortifacients, not surgical procedures. It was allowed up until " quickening" when a woman could feel movement of the fetus.

Acceptance of abortion began to decline when white male physicians started to take over care of pregnant women from midwives and were less than sympathetic to women wanting to control the size of their families, or avoid the significant risks associated with childbirth.

It has always been about white male control of women in this country.




If it's clear, I go outside at night

before going to bed, to sit and watch the stars--sometimes to catch a shooting one --and listen to the night sounds. Frogs croaking, owls hooting, and occasionally coyotes moving through the woods, yipping as they go.

It is very calming.

Three views of sunset

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