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riqster's Journal
riqster's Journal
November 20, 2013

Oh boy, NOW the NSA has really, REALLY f***ed up.


"They cost rich people a load of cash with their illegal (and legal) spying activities. And rich people have the ultimate power in this plutocracy we call a democratic government. So, it’s safe to say that the boys and girls at Fort Meade have well and truly stepped in the s***:"

"Shred the Constitution, and nobody really objects. Hack the cell phones of our allies, and a few politicos might bluster a bit. But cost a big US corporation some serious coin, and s*** is gonna get real, and it’s gonna get that way really fast.

It’s a sad thing indeed, that we can’t count on truth, justice and the American way to reign in an abusive and out-of-control government entity. It’s even more depressing to have to rely on a load of Scrooges to restore some semblance of the rule of law in this regard. But hey, the enemy of our enemy is our friend."

More at the link.
November 19, 2013

The shittiest job in America


"Your humble correspondent has worked some truly s***y jobs in his time: car washing, day-labor, chemical-tank cleaning, and so on. Many of these jobs were unsafe, and none of them paid well. But not even those scumballs could rival Wal-Mart’s epic lack of concern for their employees. Here’s a story from one of those aforementioned s***y jobs:

We had a guy working as a dishwasher who made enough to get by (barely), but he collapsed one day at work. Turns out he hadn’t eaten in two days, because his family ate all the food in the house, and there was nothing left for him when he got home from work. Did HR set up a demoralizing “food drive” in the break room? No, they did not. They created a one-off payroll deduction that went to a lunch fund that only the employee could use, to eat at the workplace cafeteria, thus guaranteeing the poor guy three meals a day.

This employer was not a particularly benevolent organization – in fact, they pretty much sucked overall. But they at least understood that it was in their own best interest to have their employees at least f***ing fed on a regular basis. Wal-Mart doesn’t even have that level of awareness.

When you give Wal-Mart your money, you are telling them that you approve of and endorse the (literally) starvation wages they pay. And if you are OK with starving working people to death just so you can save a penny on a pair of Spanx, well, you’re pretty s***y yourself."

More at the link.
November 18, 2013

Right-wing loon busted for intimidation, while trying to take over the government.


"This strong argument for retroactive birth control finally pushed the wrong button. Neo-Nazi Craig Cobb and one of his minions got jailed for threatening non-Nazi residents with guns. This after trying to buy the town of Leith, ND so as to create a Nazi paradise (Weird Al, here is a song idea for you).

The locals have been trying to keep these scumbuckets from taking over the town that they lived in before these Hitler wannabees showed up, and have had some success by using laws and such. This enraged the right-Wingnuts, who took up arms against the civilized, legal government.

So the Right’s attempt to buy the government of one small town has failed. Yay. Of course, their purchases of various states, media outlets, judgeships and the House of “Representatives” have gone quite well…"
November 15, 2013

Hereís how to get the truth about ObamaCare:


Insurance companies have spent millions and millions of dollars trying to kill it, so you can’t trust anything they say on the topic. Same with “Republicans”. Ignore anything they say on the topic, it’s gonna be a load of crap.

When it comes to the “News” media, check where they get their “facts” and “questions”. Most of it comes from Insurers and Repubs, so ignore anything that comes from those sources, it’s gonna be a load of recycled crap.

No, the way to find out the truth is by looking at your current policy (if any), seeing if ObamaCare changes anything for you, and then finding out what those changes are, and how they affect you and yours. There ain’t any simple way to do it.

And if anybody tells you otherwise, ignore them, because they’re feeding you a load of truly malodorous crap.
November 14, 2013

Arizona Congressman shows his support for child molesters, treason and sedition.


"His name is Trent Franks, (R-AZ). And he is attending a rally advocating the overthrow of our Constitutional system of government that is being organized by a crazy child molester named Larry Klayman. Likely he’ll be giving a speech there.

Which means that Congressman Franks is a supporter of child molesters, treason and sedition. You don’t show up at Klan cross-burnings unless you support the Klan. You don’t goose-step, utter “Seig Heil!” and wear swastikas unless you support the Nazis."

More, including source material, at the link.
November 12, 2013

ObamaCare problems: meet the new cause, same as the old cause.


"It’s the same greedy, heartless, motherf***ing insurance companies that killed my son a while back. While the “news” media points their paid fingers at the Prexy, the insurers are using loopholes in the law to continue to f*** us over, just as they have always done. This is how they repay the government for not only providing them with millions of customers, but even requiring customers to buy their products: they screw us and the government.

Honorable mention to the “Republican” states that boned the working poor by refusing to take free money and provide them with insurance. That scumbucketry is another big reason that the ACA is not living up to expectations.

And of course, lots of people are so s*** stupid, they believe the Infotainment industry types who peddle the lies that the Repubs and health insurers pay them to spew at us 24/7/365."

Source material at the link- good for debunking Wingnut arguments. Also, further ranting, as ever.
November 8, 2013

PETA assumes humans are superior to Nature. Thatís why they are F***ed in the head.


"PETA does not demonize bears, pigs or hedgehogs for being omnivorous. For that matter, turkeys are naturally omnivorous, and PETA is trying to demonize we omnivorous homo sapiens types for eating them. So, what makes human omnivores different from all other omnvivores? Why hold us to a different standard than the rest of the opportunistic feeders that fly, walk, swim or crawl around the globe?

Answer: The only reason to hold humans to a “higher” standard is if you think humans occupy a higher place in the natural order.If you are arrogant and feeling oh-so-superior. As a great writer once said, “you can’t condescend UP”.

News flash, PETA: we aren’t all that special, not in the grand scheme of things. Humans eat what we can eat, and to an extent what we choose to eat. We are not some sort of Grand High Poohbah Muckety-Muck Exalted Grand Wizards of All We Survey: we are just animals blessed with opposable thumbs, brains, and some really nasty characteristics that helped us build tools and kill other animals. That allows us to appear disconnected from nature. We’re creatures of the Earth, nothing more and nothing less. And we should treat ALL life we encounter in Nature as it deserves to be treated.

Including each others’ children"

More at the link.
November 7, 2013

Memo to PETA: Go F *** Yourselves for traumatizing children.


"In the name of saving animals, they are deliberately trying to traumatize little kids. They are putting up anti-turkey-dinner ads in bus stops, you see: ads that show grownups a Rockwell-ish image of a mom carving a bird, and that show anyone shorter than four feet tall a demonic woman murdering a live bird, and spattering her kids’ faces with blood."

"Of all the despicable, abusive, and idiotic things to do. Do the stupid-f***s at PETA think that little children do the grocery shopping in American households? Anyone on Planet Consensus Reality knows better."

More at the link. Jesus fucking Christ on toast. These assholes at PETA need an attitude adjustment.

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