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Member since: Fri Sep 30, 2005, 04:24 PM
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Where's the BOOKMARK button?

There's a good list going here... i'd like to find it again.

We should also remember

the quarter million (or more) dead Iraqis while we're at it. Or maybe the millions of people that were displaced, rendered homeless, or ruined in one way or another. War is fucking hell, and if we think the effects are limited to the money we spent and the troops we lost and the "advantages" we may or may not have gained... well then i'd say, we learned NOTHING.

I will welcome our troops home and hope they never have to fight another war (just or unjust). I hope to see troops returning and becoming Public Servants (local, regional, state and fed government)... and that they will use the life-changing experiences they lived through for the "power of good". I hope.

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