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One more time, and it's really simple,

The House Dems who voted against the BIF did so because Manchin/Sinema keep going back on the agreement to pass the entire package, despite progressives constantly being expected to compromise and give in while conservadems never do. Their vote DID NOT keep it from passing, had that been the case I expect Pelosi would not have let them vote against it.

Manchin/Sinema on the other hand, ARE keeping the BBB from passing. Unlike everyone else, they move goalposts and in Sinema's case refuse to clearly state what she wants. Although, their weaseling and changing do make it clear what they're working for, and it's not Biden or us.

Progressives, from The Squad to Sanders, have worked their asses off supporting Biden and the total BBB package. Manchin/Sinema are working against Biden, and frankly AGAINST Democratic values.

That is why.

They could refrain from gleefully cheerleading anti-democratic behavior.

Purposeless insulting and bashing should be prohibited. So should supporting republicons and those whose work can't be distinguished from republicons. Criticizing republicons, republicon policy, and anyone who works to advance republicon policy should be allowed.

Certain cheerleaders here don't have to criticize if they don't want to, but it's a shameful look to run around the board supporting someone who:
-Blocks minimum wage hikes
-Protects billionaires and their fortunes at the expense of the poor
-Campaigns for republicon candidates instead of the Democrat in the race
-Protects corporate tax breaks
-Protects corporate liability
-Blocks needed climate action
-Protects corporate price gouging
etc etc etc
Posted by FoxNewsSucks | Fri Nov 5, 2021, 09:11 AM (0 replies)
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