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I have been looking for this for ages

Saw it quoted in an article in the Guardian back in the 1980's and could never trace it. Gave up and then chanced to Google again just now.

‘Aphrodite’ (from ancient Greece)
-Sophocles, [ trans . Richard Winn Livingstone ]

My children,
Know that Love is not love alone,
but in her name lie many names concealed.

For she is Death,
imperishable force,
desire unmixed,
wild frenzy,

In her are summed all impulses
that drive to

Deep in each living breast the goddess dwells,
and all become her prey:
the tribes that swim,
the four-foot tribes that pace upon the earth
harbor her,

and in birds her wing is sovereign.
In beasts,
in mortal men,
in gods above.

What god but wrestles with her
and is thrown?

If I may tell,
and truth is right to tell,
she rules the heart of Zeus
without a spear,
without sword.

Truly the Cyprian shatters
all purposes
of men
and gods.
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