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Name: Sheila
Gender: Female
Hometown: West Palm, FL but still a Jersey Girl
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Nov 15, 2006, 05:15 PM
Number of posts: 21,078

Journal Archives

Fla. Gov.: We won't comply with health care law


The Associated Press


Florida Gov. Rick Scott now says Florida will do nothing to comply with President Barack Obama's health care overhaul and will not expand its Medicaid program. The announcement is a marked changed after the governor recently said he would follow the law if it were upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Florida is not going to implement Obamacare. We are not going to expand Medicaid and we're not going to implement exchanges," Scott's spokesman Lane Wright told The Associated Press on Saturday. Wright stressed that the governor would work to make sure the law is repealed.

Scott told Fox News the Medicaid expansion would cost Florida taxpayers $1.9 billion a year, but it's unclear how he arrived at that figure.

Scott said the state will not expand the Medicaid program in order to lower the number of uninsured residents, nor will Florida set up a state-run health exchange, a marketplace where people who need insurance policies could shop for them.

More dreck at: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/ap/ap/health/fla-gov-we-wont-comply-with-health-care-law/nPjZB/

I immediately went to FOX for their "analysis" after the decision and enjoyed

the interview with Karl Rove from Texas. He was very, very subdued and stated "This is a boost for Obama." He couldn't get off the air fast enough. Kelly was trying so hard to find something wrong with the decision but he wasn't cooperating, just sulking. It was great...

FR is ecstatic over Dems voting with Pubs on the Holder contempt vote. They think this is wonderful

and a slap to the President. I won't bother to link from stuff there but also noticed a few expressing that the recent magazine article is made up and specifically timed to help Holder. (Me) Those Dems voting with pubs need to be shown the door when they are up for re-election. BTW, "their" pollsters say that Mittster is up by 14% over Obama. Just thought I'd share ....

George Zimmerman Evidence Shows Extent To Which Police Doubted Self-Defense Claim

It is really difficult to pick out four paragraphs with good info but this is what I have. Much more at the link:


"His actions are inconsistent with those of a person who has stated he was in fear of another subject," an investigator wrote in an early report on the Feb. 26 shooting. "Investigative findings show that George Michael Zimmerman had at least two opportunities to speak with Trayvon Benjamin Martin in order to defuse the circumstances," and Zimmerman twice "failed to identify himself as a concerned resident or a neighborhood watch member."

The report also said that Martin's and Zimmerman's respective physical dimensions did not place Zimmerman at a disadvantage worthy of lethal force.

"Investigative findings show the physical injuries displayed by [Zimmerman] are marginally consistent with a life-threatening violent episode described by him, during which neither a deadly weapon nor deadly force was deployed by Trayvon Martin," the report said.

The evidence released this afternoon includes a one-hour video recording of an interview between lead investigator Christopher Serino and Zimmerman at the Sanford, Fla., police headquarters, a pair of audio recordings between Serino and Zimmerman, and 29 pages of police reports and notes, including a handwritten narrative by Zimmerman recounting the events on the night of Feb. 26.

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards Split Up

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards ended their controversial relationship last week, just days after her new book debuted and she went public about how they met, hid their affair and had a baby girl together.

"We are a family, but as of the end of last week John Edwards and I are no longer a couple. Not at all," Hunter told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning America." When asked if she still loved Edwards, Hunter replied, "I do."

Stephanopoulos asked if Edwards still loved her and she said, "You have to ask him. I think he does."

Nevertheless, the couple split, she said, worn down by the scrutiny and pressure brought on by their high profile affair that began while Edwards was running for the 2008 presidential nomination.

More at: http://news.yahoo.com/rielle-hunter-john-edwards-split-124702047--abc-news-topstories.html

Former IRA commander to meet Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON (AP) — The Irish Republican Army-linked Sinn Fein party says one of its leaders, Martin McGuinness, will meet Queen Elizabeth II next week — a once-unthinkable symbol of progress toward peace in Northern Ireland.

McGuinness, a former IRA commander, has been invited to attend an event with the queen in his role as deputy first minister of Northern Ireland's Catholic-Protestant power-sharing government.

Neither Sinn Fein nor Buckingham Palace revealed detailed plans for the meeting. Britain's Press Association news agency said McGuiness and the queen would meet and shake hands in a private room at the beginning of the engagement. But even if it amounts to little more than a quick handshake, the meeting will have great symbolic value.

The queen and her husband, Prince Philip, will visit Northern Ireland on Tuesday and Wednesday as part of her United Kingdom-wide tour celebrating 60 years on the throne.

More at: http://news.yahoo.com/former-ira-commander-meet-queen-elizabeth-ii-145558391

'Tis a grand thing I think...

Dylan Radigan's "exit" interview is the biggest bore since this morning's Morning Joe..n/t

Alleged police impersonator busted pulling over actual cop

When impersonating a police officer, beware of pulling over an actual police officer.

The failure to follow that guidance has led to the capture of one alleged phony cop in Prince George’s County.

Anthony Kenneth Mastrogiovanni was driving his white pickup truck on southbound Route 301 in Upper Marlboro, Md., earlier this week when he attempted to perform a traffic stop on a Capitol Heights police officer who was driving a personal vehicle.

Mastrogiovanni told the officer he was a military police officer from Louisiana and advised the officer that he was speeding, police said. The officer in turn told Mastrogiovanni he was out of his jurisdiction and having blue and red emergency equipment in his truck was against the law in Maryland, police said.

More: http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/22/12356715-alleged-police-impersonator-busted-pulling-over-actual-cop?lite

A wannabe Rmoney I think..

Mack, Jeb part of Utah Romneypalooza; Rubio declines

by George Bennett | June 22nd, 2012

Former Gov. Jeb Bush will join some frequently mentioned GOP vice presidential possibilities — Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty — at a weekend fundraising shindig in Utah with Mitt Romney that’s being cast by some as a VP audition.

Sen. Marco Rubio, whose vetting or non-vetting for VP has been a source of drama this week, is not going. But, after reports surfaced that Rubio wasn’t asked, he told reporters he was invited but declined so he could spend time with his family.

Another notable attendee at the event: Rep. Connie Mack, the Republican Senate candidate and early Romney endorser who was a key surrogate for Romney before Florida’s Jan. 31 primary. Mack, expected to get the GOP nomination to challenge Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson in the fall, is the only Senate candidate expected.

Also expected, according to this and other published reports: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Dakota Sen. John Thune.


Mitt Romney Declares Himself A Self-Employed Author In Campaign Filing Report


According to his June campaign filing, Romney and his wife, Ann, each donated $2,500 to the Romney for Victory Committee -- a joint fundraising account for the campaign and the Republican National Committee -- which was then transferred to Romney for President on May 15.

Ann, who has been outspoken about her stay-at-home-mom status, not surprisingly lists herself as a "homemaker."

Romney, however, lists himself as "self-employed." His occupation? "Author."

The former governor is now apparently digging deeper into his passion for writing, since on his 2011 income tax return, he listed a broader principal profession: "independent artists, writers, performers."

more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/21/mitt-romney-self-employed-author-campaign-filing_n_1615298.html
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