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Member since: Thu Jul 26, 2007, 04:26 PM
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I'm voting and will vote for Democratic candidates

I live in an area of California that is safely D at state and federal level. I would rather see more liberal candidates for Congress than Pelosi, Feinstein, and Mike Thompson. Thompson is a Blue Dog / DLC type. Feinstein is a corrupt war profiter. Pelosi took impeachment off the table when there was more reason for impeachment than ever in my life. I'd like to see all three replaced with individuals that are more representitive of the wants and needs of the People and do not tolerate war and financial criminals.

I blame the Obama Administration and D Congressional leaders for the midterm disaster in 2012; most specifically ACA, treatment of banks, and economy.

I expect another midterm disaster in 2014 because of the Obama Administration; most specifically the SS/Medicare and economy.

2012 was not the fault of those on the left and neither will be 2014.

I will vote for HRC (if I am alive) in 2016 but she will also be my last choice as she was in 2012 primaries.

I have lost respect for Obama nor does he retain my trust. He has proven to not give a fuck about most of us and coddles war and financial criminals. Obama has been a disaster for enacting ACA that is a gift to corporate interests. Obama's education and environmental policies are retrograde. The DOJ under Holder is a cruel joke. . When Obama won in 2012, I cried for the first time over an election in my 60 years. I expect the USA and my own personal situation to continue to decline in my older years.

The GOP will campaign in 2014 on SS/Medicare and the existence faux liberal Obama and the corporatists that have taken over the Democratic Party will have continuing cover for trade agreements, war, and other policies contrary to the needs and wishes of most American, particularly the poor, elderly, and young.

I'd like to see a woman POTUS in 2016, just not HRC or any other corporatist.

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