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Member since: Thu Jul 26, 2007, 04:26 PM
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What might the Feds do in immediate future about legal pot?

Session wants to go there. Pot is a good political issue for the GOP and also could provide plenty of diversion in MSM.

I am in California and have been in a pot shop in a rural county 4X since legalization. Currently undegoing chemo for lymphoma and bought a vapor pen and then gone back for cartridges.

Yesterday AM went in the pot shop. Then check you at the door and put you on a database using your ID. The shop has gotten busier and has more product. Licensing of various pot related businesses is in the local news every day but active shops are few.

Anyway behind me were two ordinary guys, slightly scruffy. They pulled out their IDs about 3 feet from me and were ATF agents. The gatekeeper fellow (guy who guarded door and checked if you were on database or needed to be entered into database) directed them to a couch in a lounge area and went into the back of the shop to find someone of more authority. He came out and said something to the ATF agents and resumed checking folks in at the door. The ATF agents were still on the couch waiting for someone and thumbing through various magazines when I left.

Wonder if something is up or if that was normal. Seemed to be a surprise in the legal pot shop.
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