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Gavin Newsom most certainly tied the wildfires to climate change.

This is a climate damn emergency,’ California’s Gavin Newsom says

A visibly angry Gov. Gavin Newsom warned the rest of the country Friday that California’s record wildfire season is a glimpse into its future if political leaders do not start taking the climate crisis more seriously.

“I’m a little bit exhausted that we have to continue to debate this issue. This a climate damn emergency. This is real and it’s happening. This is the perfect storm,” Newsom said during a visit to the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area in Butte County, where he surveyed damage from the North Complex Fire.

Newsom decried the “ideological BS” that he said is preventing swift action to combat climate change, which scientists generally agree has intensified the severity of natural disasters. California is the midst of the worst wildfire season in its modern history, with more than 3 million acres already burned this year, and the August Complex Fire in Northern California this week became the largest the state has ever recorded.

“California, folks, is America fast forward,” Newsom said. “What we are experiencing right here is coming to (communities) all across the United States of America unless we get our act together on climate change — unless we disabuse ourselves of all the BS that’s being spewed by a very small group of people that have an ideological reason to advance the cause of a 19th century framework and solution. We’re not going back to the 19th century.”


That looks like a CCC era constructed lookout.

Like this:

That is Orleans Mountain Lookout on Six Rivers National Forest. It has not been manned for over 30 years but has been maintained. It is being threated by fire now. Looks very similar in layout to Pinyon Peak. There are very few manned lookouts locally now, several of the old CCC constructed ones were demolished or otherwise removed years ago.

Back in 1977 there was the Hog Fire that burned to the lookout. I was a USFS employee at the time (69-85; timber guy) but was a firefighter (as was everyone able bodied with a red card) on Hog Fire. There is an old CCC track down the backside of the mountain that was widened by Cat and about a 2 mile hose lay with porta tanks to get water to the lookout. We ended up driving up the fire line throwing fusees out at dusk to start a back fire. I hosed down the lookout when the fire line was lit at the lookout.

Look at this real time gif of the California fires.

Two related questions about impeachment. Poll too.

1). Can Trump be impeached and convicted between the election (assuming he loses) and inauguration with Pence then to serve during transition?

2). Regards impeachment now (or anytime prior)?

Issues are bountiful.

Why not take the strategy with GOP Senate that convict now or wear the failure to convict Trump into their own re-election?

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