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Dr. Fauci quoted today in a MSN article

So much is not yet known. Like what about the mutations? What degree of herd immunity is even achievable?

>>Dr. Fauci Calls COVID "Nefarious"

When asked if other viruses mutate similarly to how COVID-19 has, he admits that they do, even some "much more quickly and easily" than it. However, it is the "constellation of characteristics" of COVID that he finds to be "very problematic."

"I can say of the viruses that I've had to deal with in my multi multi-decade career of now over 40 years. Have I seen viruses that mutate this much? The answer is yes, but what I have never seen is the constellation of characteristics of a virus that if you want to make a metaphor out of it, is so nefarious on the one hand—it infects many, many people, has great deal of efficiency of transmission, and yet maybe 40% or more of people don't get any symptoms at all," he explained.

He also added that viruses' tendency to spread asymptomatically is also very problematic—as is the fact that severity of infection is somewhat unpredictable. "50% of all the infections that are transmitted or transmitted by people who either never will get any symptoms or are presymptomatic," he pointed out. "The reason that's so disturbing, because on the one hand, if you looked at that, you say, well, that's a relatively benign virus. However, it also has the capability of selecting out vulnerables and we know who they are—the elderly, those with underlying conditions, every once in a while, relatively speaking unusual, it will get a young, healthy person who has no underlying conditions—but it has this nefarious way of really getting to the vulnerables and creating a high percentage of morbidity and mortality."

"So you have this unusual virus that for so many people is trivial," he continued. "It gives them, you know, relatively minor, maybe even no symptoms at all. And on the other hand, it has accounted for over 430,000 deaths in the United States in a year. You know, I've never seen anything so dichotomous as that, where on the one hand looking benign for so many on the other hand being absolutely deadly for others.

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