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Why even take the risk under the circumstances?

Safer is not safe.

I am a huge SF Giant fan but would never consider going to a game now.

My perception is that much of humanity will end up being chewed through by cv19 and variants and; at best, it will become endemic and dip life expectancy statistics or could have variants lethal or damaging enough to be obvious.

What you are saying is irresponsible and why the initial find and trace strategy failed. Perhaps that strategy was also doomed to fail but as a society we did not try. The pandemic was politicized and we were flooded with propaganda.

The Taliban said the correct things at their press conference

Words now and actions over time may and likely will be different.

Best hope is that the current situation calms rapidly and everyone that wants to get out, gets out.

Some items, specifically, "[We] are committed to the rights of women under the system of [Islamic law]", are unlikely to be fair to women nor acceptable to the sensibilities of most Americans.

POTUS Biden and the Democratic Party are taking a political hit that likely could not be avoided. IMO this is the product of an immediate failure in intelligence and military planning; TFG's agreement with Taliban; and the whole sorry mess when GWB et al decided to invade rather than have special ops (as happened) address UBL.

Here is TFG's agreement (that I read for the first time today, and did not know existed). Everyone should read this (short).


Thank you for posting this. I posted a link to anewscafe

down thread. There is some great and even inspiring to DU material at Dori Chamberlain's site.

I had a home in Redding from 1989 to 2003 but actually lived there less than half that time as also lived/worked in Portland, Corvallis, and Humboldt during the same time period. I'm old and decrepit and live in my county of origin, Humboldt, now.

Check out this 8/11/21 article about part of the medical community and masks etc. Loads of pictures at the link.

Hundreds Attend Redding Protest Against State-Mandated Vaccines

Posted on August 11, 2021 by Doni Chamberlain and Patricia Graves

Monday afternoon hundreds of people converged upon the intersection outside Mercy Medical Center in Redding’s triple-digit heat to voice their disapproval of a recent state-mandated vaccine requirement for healthcare workers.

The rally was attended by people of all ages, from senior citizens sitting in lawn chairs in the shade, to a father with an infant in a front pack. The multitudes represented a cross section of healthcare occupations, joined by their family, friends and supporters.

The rally offered viewpoints on other topics, such as masks. One little boy held a sign while perched upon the shoulders of a man with a beard, sunglasses and a baseball cap.

“I don’t co-parent with the government,” said the boy’s sign. “Unmask your kids.”

The majority of protesters were women, many of whom wore scrubs.

The vaccine order that went into effect Thursday instigated protests throughout California, similar to Redding’s. California Gov. Gavin Newsome tweeted the news on Aug. 5, including the deadline, that healthcare workers have until Sept. 30 to comply.

much more at: https://anewscafe.com/2021/08/11/redding/hundreds-attend-redding-protest-against-state-mandated-vaccines/

If one wants to know what is going on in Shasta county and environs, here

is a link to great detail.

Some of the articles are pretty amazing and detailed, and most at DU will be even inspired by the woman who operates anewscafe.com, and her fellow journalists and those in comments that pushback against Zapata, the Bethel Church, and corrupt law enforcement among other threats.

I have not yet read this thread but scanned the posts to see if this link was posted yet.


Lots of detail and images and videos, probably the best documentation of current strife in a community to be found.

51.14% total and 6.30% partial in Humboldt county, California as a whole.

Humboldt county, think redwoods and cannabis.

I reside in the far north east corner of Humboldt county where the Hupa Reservation, Yurok Reservation, and Ancestral Territory of the Karuk are located and a population majority is NA. I am not NA and lived elsewhere much of life and my family has been here since 1850s. The Indian Health Service made it very easy to get vaccinated, I received 2nd shot of Moderna in early March.

However, only 36.96% of Humboldt county Native Americans are fully and 5.04% partially vaccinated. Almost certain that the rates are lower here than for the NA that live on the coast. Lots of distrust.


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