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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 35,837

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

It is like Watergate. New illegal actions exposed.. all the time...

....Today, 5/1 we have a new one, breaking into a doctors office and stealing medical records. The doctor's comments show that he felt the records were taken illegally, and the method of taking them shows illegal behavior, but the White House says, "standard operating procedure"

..Who to believe? Nixon/Trump or the doctor who had his records stolen? So far, from what has been posted here and what is obvious to most of us, the doctor is telling the truth, and Nixon/Trump is lying.
Also, Rosenstein said today, "Trump might be indicted." Also, Rosenstein says, "I am being threatened."

But what else is coming?....It seems from history, that more is on the way.

One more afterthought...Look at the variety of crap..like Watergate...breaking and entering, stealing, lying,
possible firing of investigators..(not happened yet)..oh wait, Comey was he fired?..or were others in FBI fired?... I was referring to possibly firing Rosenstein...not Mueller...but Trump could fire Mueller..couldn't he?

As Sgt Shultz said, " I know nothing."

.....And, ... I am like you, just an observer.

Time to expose an advertising lie..Yahoo News exposes the lie to ads you have seen.

Two young people in an ad that tells you ..."two math grads who are disrupting insurance industry"

If you hit the link below, it is an honest Yahoo Finance story that shows how one company has made a fortune lying to internet users. It is a real link, and won't harm your computer. Please give the article a chance to load completely ...Once it is loaded, then scroll down about 4 pictures to see the real founders of the company. They are not young attractive young people. It is a short story, and you can pass it on. And most important, it is totally legit and the truth......Scroll down till you find a picture with 2 mid- aged white guys.....the picture is titled..........................................
.EverQuote co-founders Seth Birnbaum (L) and Tomas Revesz (Photo source: John Reynolds for The Boston Globe).

Hope you found this useful and interesting..


What is a "great movie"?

One that lasts over many years, and is just as effective as what is what supposed to do (whatever that is) after it is seen many times.

50 years ago I saw a great comedy. "The Producers" I saw it when it came out, and I saw it last week. I enjoyed it a great deal after seeing it maybe 8 or 9 times. Almost as much as the first time..Maybe in a different way, since I knew the story and the acting. Zero Mostel was great as was Gene Wilder and Dick Shawn. But the fact that I knew what was going to happen, and what was to be said did not matter. What mattered it was still effective in giving laughter and joy...How about these lines, "We go to motel?..go to motel?...No, we don't go to motel...",,,Or..."That's our Hitler." Other films have the same effect.

What do you think?.....What about this one..."What happened to the $8000?" I had it is gone..or....

"That is no planet, it is a space station."

About caravans of people trying to get to the United States from another country..


About 110 years ago there were no caravans, just boats. Boats brought people from other countries to the United States from Europe and Asia, and many other places too. Now, there were few laws about entering then, but you did have to read a language. My grandparents read Yiddish. So they entered along with millions of others from all over the world. They came from Russia.

..Those laws were changed after World War I. (1924 to be exact) Quotas, restrictions and so on. But before WWI, very few restrictions. New comers had to stay at Ellis Island for a week in order to prove they were not carrying tuberculosis, but aside from the reading restriction, millions came. So, here I am, a grandson of someone seeking a new life in the U.S.A.

..People still want to come here for the same reason. Opportunity to raise a family in safety and freedom. Times have changed. Back then there were huge neighborhoods of newcomers in cities, called ghettos. People came and after time their children spoke English and were assimilated. It took time as it always does. But among many today, there is no real acceptance of these newcomers. Among many who do not want these people, there is hate, fear, and anger. Who want them? Why should they be allowed? They will cause crime...etc...

The laws have changed, and many in the U.S. do not want "newcomers." , and desire to keep them out. I am not one of those. I say give them the same chance my grandfather and grandmother had. Why not? I turned out ok, as did millions of others and their families.

Perhaps, Mike Pence would be better..for this reason. Trump doesn't get the job.

He goes on Fox News, and he thinks he is back when he was on the Apprentice ..in charge of the show..all of the show. Pence knows that this is not a show, that this is one of the most important positions in the entire world. Trump cannot shut up. He doesn't get it. I don't think he is capable of getting "it"

..My belief is that Trump knows he got this "job" through his connections and he did not get to be President legally. He also is too self centered to realize what this job.. "is". Pence would know. He is also an asshole, but at least he would know what the job is and who he represents. Trump is lost on a sea of furious hate and self illusion. He sees it as Trump vs the media..for all it is worth, with the good guys on Fox News..as his team. The country is against him and it is all the media's fault and "HILLARY TOO".. Let's not forget Hillary.. she is to be blamed..

...Now Pence would be worse as a more conservative asshole, but my guess is Pence is sane and realizes what this job entails. Most of us here know what this job is and would do better than Trump. Trump acts like it is a two bit show and he is the boss. Pence would know the truth. Obama knew and even Bush Jr. knew. Eisenhower knew as did both Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt. Clinton knew as Hillary knows.

Trump really doesn't know. He doesn't care to know or learn. He doesn't want to learn. He thinks he knows it all, and he really doesn't know. Pence knows as do you and I.

Ellen talks to some "presidential experts"..June 2014..surprise ending, last 3 minutes..

Student Loan Scams..and Where to Get Help

Title of article... States and FTC Unite to Fight Fake Student Loan Help

Hit the link below then scroll down to the story about the scams themselves, then scroll further down to where you can get help. Scambusters is reliable and honest.

Title of 2nd article, "Free Help Is Available" This article is further down the page...


Trump supporters who complain about his unstable behavior..What to say..

Those people need to hear these 18 words over and over again. These words might sink in for many and help change the course we are on.

...."Don't like his behavior? Vote Democratic in November."...

...and.. in relation to above...."It's the best way for your voice to be heard."

Sci Fi Movies.... Some of my all time favorites..(list as many as you wish, explain if you wish)

The Day the Earth Stood Still
Back to the Future.

Right Now, in the lounge..entire.. Beethoven's 9th Symphony..Sunday Eve..7:46 ET

hit link to see and hear:

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