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csziggy's Journal
csziggy's Journal
May 24, 2019

On the slowed down Nancy Pelosi video

Jimmy Fallon did it first:

If we are going to do this kind of thing to our opponents, we need to be ready when they turn it around on us. Yes, I laughed at the "Drunk Donald Trump" videos from Jimmy Fallon - so I was not surprised when some Republican did it to Nancy Pelosi.

The difference is that at normal speeds Nancy Pelosi is intelligent and makes sense while Trump at any speed does not.
May 22, 2019

Liberal Redneck - Bama Bortion Ban

Trae Crowder nails it again!
May 13, 2019

Mayo America Great Again

Mayo America Great Again
Deli, Florida, Great Stuff, Grocery Store, USA, Wild & Unruly | | Right | May 13, 2019

Customer: “Do you have any mayonnaise packets?”

Me: “Sorry, we’re out right now.”


(She throws the food she was holding at me and stomps away.)

Me: “Well, that was a bit of an overreaction.”

Coworker: “Dude. Old, white people have nothing in their lives but church, mayonnaise, and Trump. You literally just took away a third of her entire existence.”

May 9, 2019

The calls are coming from INSIDE the house!

Today I've gotten six to eight calls from "Microsoft" telling me my Windows key has expired and that they will shut off my Windows unless I give them my IP address (more complicated than that but anyway). The kicker is that the caller ID shows my own fucking number and ID. AND they are robocalls so I can't fuck with the caller.

Most of the calls came while I was doing something else and did not have my reading glasses on or nearby. The only way I know they are all spoofing my own number is the caller ID list on the phone which I checked afterwards.

I can't just not pick up the phone - too many of the calls I get are legitimate from numbers that I do no know by heart or have in my phone list on the phone. And without my reading glasses at hand, I can't check the caller ID anyway.

Who do I complain to about this fucking number spoofing for robocalls?

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