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Member since: Fri Sep 26, 2008, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 12,912

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Guardian: Saving Roe v Wade is not just a US battle but one for women across the Americas

by Mariana Prandini Assis

US conservatives’ campaign to undermine the landmark ruling threatens progress in reproductive freedom in Latin America

As the US supreme court prepares to decide a case that could deny women the right to abortion in much of the US, Latin American activists like me are holding our collective breaths.

The continent has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, in spite of recent progressive reforms in the past decade in countries including Uruguay and Argentina.

The end of Roe v Wade would deliver a frightening message throughout the region.


There's much more text and photos at the link. I recommend this very informative

CBC*: 'One-woman factory': Ceramic tree craze keeps Christmas crafter busy.

At Edna's Ceramic Treasures, you'll find Christmas trees in a rainbow of colours<

*Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


>When you walk through the back door of Edna Meisner's home in Blandford, N.S., you'll find a workshop that could rival that of Santa's elves.

Shelves of ceramic creations are set up in the small space, with lights glittering from every corner of the room.

There are green ceramic Christmas trees, and white ones — also some in periwinkle, cherry red, cotton candy pink and midnight blue. Some are glossy. Others sparkle with pretend snow.

There's more beauty to be found throughout the room: glowing stained-glass windows on tiny churches, intricate scenes of winter wonderlands and jolly Santa Clauses.<

There's much more text and delightful photos at the link. I had a maternal great-aunt
that also produced ceramic items. That was the side of my family that immigrated
to the U.S. from Canada many years ago. It's nice to feel connected!

BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 17 - 24 December (2021)


I always enjoy seeing the pics in this weekly feature from The BBC. Views of the
people, places and critters of Scotland plus the punny captions are all here to add
to the pleasures of this Holiday Season.

BBC: Africa's week in pictures: 17-23 December 2021

A selection of the best photos from the African continent and beyond.


Enjoy this regular feature presenting the diversity of Africa!

I see that DUer tblue37 has broken 50,000 posts. (currently at 50,012)

YAY! Congrats to you!

This new tech is gonna be the deatha me!

Today I did my maintenance on my WIN 7 and WIN 10 machines. Things are working
pretty well and tomorrow I do the maintenance on my son's WIN 10. I get along OK
with that.

Then I decided to renew the service on our Tracfones. (My mention of Tracfone is
not an endorsement or a recommendation. I've used them since around the early
2000s and I don't wanna get alerted on for "Commercial Spam". But this is my experience.

Three months ago we upgraded to 4G Classic Flip phones since our old 3G phones were no longer supported. The new phones work for our purpose and it was necessary
to do the renewal that I'm used to doing every 3 months. Went through all the motions
that I know work but when I got the "successful completion" message online I patiently
waited to receive a text message on our phones advising us that the renewal had taken

There was no text message on either of our phones. We had our confirmation online
and that was reflected in the My Account info online. "WhaHoppen?" I thought to myself. I looked around and found the User Manual for the phones and followed the
directions to send a text from the phones to request Balance/Status info and that
told me the renewal was a done deal. Bear in mind that in all my years using this
service I've never failed to get a text message on my phone directly telling me that
the renewal was successful.

Then it dawned on me that This Is The New Normal and called the tech support
phone number to talk to a hooman. I explained my experience and asked it this was
normal. I was assured that, yes, this is how it is now.

Ain't tech a good thing? I'm getting too old for all this!

Guardian: Freezing fog and winter solstice: Tuesday's best photos


The Best Photos Of The Day is a regular feature of The Guardian that I view daily and
seldom link to. I made an exception today since one of the photos is from Tomsk,
Russia and I was there in late 1994 when I was in my globe-trotting tech and salesman

I remember that I was keen to leave the hotel in the early morning to experience the snow
and -40C temperature (which, incidentally is also -40F). I found that I was also keen to
return to the warmth of the hotel!

But enough of my memories, let's move on to the photos.

Al Jazeera: Perfectly kept dinosaur embryo from 66 million years ago found


>Scientists have announced the discovery of an exquisitely preserved dinosaur embryo from at least 66 million years ago that was preparing to hatch from its egg just like a chicken.

The fossil was discovered in Ganzhou, southern China and belonged to a toothless theropod dinosaur, or oviraptorosaur, which the researchers dubbed “Baby Yingliang.”

“It is one of the best dinosaur embryos ever found in history,” University of Birmingham researcher Fion Waisum Ma, who co-authored a paper in the journal iScience, told the AFP news agency on Tuesday.

Ma and colleagues found Baby Yingliang’s head lay below its body, with the feet on either side and back curled – a posture that was previously unseen in dinosaurs, but similar to modern birds.<

Wow! Pics and lots more text at the link.

CBC*: Crown-Indigenous relations minister 'absolutely open' to review of compensation deal

*Canadian Broadcasting Corporation This article concerns agreements made to
compensate Indigenous Survivors of church-operated Residential Schools in Canada.
This article is the most recent update in this ongoing story.


"Back in 2005, it (The Catholic Church) had promised $29 million in cash, but this commitment was not met after millions of dollars were spent on lawyers, administration and other unapproved expenses.

The Church had also promised to give "best efforts" to fundraise $25 million, but that effort came up $21 million short during a period when Catholic officials devoted more than $300 million to church and cathedral building projects.

Finally, the Church promised to provide $25 million worth of "in-kind services" to survivors. CBC News obtained the list of those services, and survivors say most of the money provided was for inappropriate colonial religious services, such as Bible study courses or sending priests and nuns to preach in Indigenous communities.

Other denominations, such as United, Anglican and Presbyterian denominations, paid without incident. But 10 years later, the Catholic Church had not."

There are photos and much more text at the link. Yes, I certainly think that a review of
this situation by The Canadian Government is in order.

BBC: Shropshire soldier (and his wife) bring cheer to Romanian orphans


"A soldier and his wife are spreading Christmas cheer by delivering gifts, clothing and medicine to orphans in Romania.

Warrant Officer 2 David Hill, who is based with HQ 11 Signal & West Midlands Brigade, at Donnington near Telford, flew to the country after raising £2,500.

The couple have visited orphanages in Bucharest and Bacau for the last 12 Christmases, although were prevented from visiting in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Mr Hill said it was "lovely" to bring smiles to the residents and staff."

There's a photo and more text at the link. Finding and reading this story had certainly brought a smile to my face.
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