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Member since: Fri Sep 26, 2008, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 12,912

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Here are my two nominations for Acronym Of The Day:

CAP: Contemporary African Photography

PWA: People With Albinism

Whaddya think? Feel free to add your own favorites ASAP.

Yesterday I got my second Moderna jab. Right after I got it and was relaxing and reading

while going through my 15-minute waiting period I felt some pressure in the vaccine area
so I decided to do some arm exercises. I lifted my vaccine arm out to my side and
straight up several times, probably spending less than a minute doing that. And since
then there has been no pain or sensation of any kind.

While other events of the day had the potential to cause me anxiety and stress I
celebrated and I wish that everyone has as pleasant an experience.

I had an interesting interaction with a security guard yesterday morning. Once in awhile

I find it necessary to do a combination smoke shop and burrito run and Sunday morning
is my preferred time. First I swing by the smoke shop there on 12th St. There are always
security guards present, usually tribal members and I don't worry about them too much.

But yesterday I observed that the older female guard was standing about 3 feet away
from me when I was at the counter and she was resting her right hand on the butt of
her automatic pistol. (looked like probably a .40 S&W Glock 22 to me) and I quietly told her that she was making me nervous and that not all of us were a problem.

I then turned to complete my transaction and when I left I noticed that she was standing
with both hands in front of her. I gave her a cheery wave and wondered why in hell I did

And yes, the burritos I got later were delicious!

From The CBC/Canada: Black On The Praries, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

This is a marvelous multi-faceted presentation of historical and present experiences of
Canada's Black population.


I've chosen to present one of the items on the above site. It's a poem by a Canadian-

Arrival, An ode to Black Prairie women by Titilope Sonuga

Only the trees know
what wayward wind buoyed the first one thousand
through river, creek, and muskeg,
feet a calloused bark we peel until the fleshy center.

We count the rings to tell us:
how many lifetimes is the measure
between a stolen land and a stolen people?
What is lost eternally in the currency of the sale?

How many paces is each generation
between limber pine and baobab,
between prairie grass and cotton?

> These are only the first 3 parts of this very lengthy work. View the complete poem at...


There is much, much more text, photos and video at both links provided here. It's all
very much worth a look.

From Reuters Pictures: Under the sea with scientists fighting climate change

Viewing this photo spread brought back some pleasant memories of when I was younger
and spent a lot of time snorkeling in La Jolla Cove near San Diego. I also visited the
nearby Scripps Marine Museum and I've never considered any of that time wasted.
Then I remembered that Theodore Suess Geisel aka Dr. Seuss lived in La Jolla from
1948 until his death in 1991. (actually I didn't remember it all, I had to look it up) But I've
never considered the time I spent reading his books or watching cartoons based on them
as wasted, either. HINT:There are more interesting photos at Reuters for those who seek.


From The BBC: Your pictures on the theme of 'fences'

As my focus came to rest on fences when I first saw this I remembered something about
"good fences make good neighbors" then looked it up and found a reference to Robert
Frost's 1914 poem Mending Wall. I'll leave it to you to enjoy and let your mind wander.


I'm warming up today by practicing my howls. Gotta be ready for the Full Moon Fever

tomorrow, April 26, 2021 at 9:31 pm U.S. Mountain DST. Join in the fun!


From The Guardian: The week in wildlife - in pictures

It's been a stressful week for me and this really provides a healing focus.


From The Guardian: Henry Fox Talbot auction sale - in pictures

I'm interested in these early photos by Talbot from 1834 to 1844. Mention of the auction
is The Guardian headline and I don't really have any interest in that. I have an interest
in early photography but Talbot is a new name for me.

You can view these photos here;


See information about Henry Fox Talbot and his early innovation and development of
photography techniques here:


From The Guardian: "Republicans want Black people to disappear.

Sports leagues can help stop them(.)"

By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

from article:

I know from personal experience that protest has its costs. But by banding together we can stop those who would subvert democracy(.)


Athletes, politicians and even corporate America have been speaking out about the recent Republican-led legislation in Georgia that seems to target Black citizens by making it harder for them to vote. But for all the sabre-rattling, finger-wagging and stern letter-writing, it was Major League Baseball who actually took direct action on 2 April by moving their All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado, stating, “Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.” Republican senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Mike Lee – three of Donald Trump’s most notorious sock puppets – immediately tried to punish the league’s defense of democracy by proposing legislation to remove MLB’s antitrust exemption. Didn’t work. But their unspoken threat to all professional sports leagues who may wish to join the fray loomed large.

After years of bullying their athletes for their passive protests, most sports teams became “woke” following last summer’s massive Black Lives Matter marches of between 15 and 26 million people, the largest protests in US history. It was a glorious phoenix-like ascension of sports leagues to the heights of social morality. Today, we need that commitment more than ever, because if there were ever a case of Black lives not mattering, it’s the nearly 250 laws since the November election that have been passed around the country designed to marginalize Black voters. It’s time for all sports leagues – who are supposed to embody the American ideals of teamwork, fair play and level playing fields – to join as one voice to represent their players, their fans and their Constitution in stopping this attempt to steal democracy.

much more text plus historic photo at link


Now and in the future I'll be paying a LOT more attention to whatever Kareem has to
say or write.
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