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DO NOT donate to The Salvation Army

There was a thread not long ago about this topic. The SA do help the needy and, the person leading the organization takes a minimal salary compared to other charities. That is all well and good.

However, they are and have been actively involved in assaulting LGBT rights. For a summary of their involvement, please read this article:

When giving to the SA, you are not just helping the needy. You are supporting a virulently bigoted organization, and your money is considered by them to be a act of approval of all their missions. They don't sit around and separate their funds that they use for those that need help and those that are used to fund hateful causes. When you put money into that red kettle, you are supporting both sides.

As a member of the LGBT community I find this disgraceful and dangerous. In this country, there is still a long way to go in passing gay rights. Every day there is another story about some kid being bullied about being gay or about some gay person being brutally beaten.

Any support given to the SA and other openly anti-LGBT groups only strengthens their resolve. This isn't a zero sum situation. Their good works do not cancel out their hate. If you support one side by giving money for the needy, you support the less admirable side.

There are many charitable organizations that aren't working against LGBT rights. The article that is linked to provides a list of these. Helping bearding hating is unacceptable.

You may think this is an extreme position. However, if you drop money into that kettle, think of those LGBT people who have been hurt in many ways. Think of those you know in the LGBT community. Think of the many other ways there are to help those that need it without hurting anybody else.

(I wrote this because I was so stunned by the number of people on DU who seemed to consider their anti-LGBT rights stance a minor issue compared to their work for the needy)

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Mon Dec 12, 2011, 05:48 AM (91 replies)

I would

they never found the murderers who killed Officer Sicknick or harmed the other Officers.

Qrump had being an Amfibbinagain down to an art form

Love your new word.

Which holiday movie are you?

1st question: 1.
Every Christmas movie should end:

With the main character finding new appreciation for life.

With the protagonist getting his first book published.

With a child happily receiving the gift he or she always wanted.

With at least one person getting swiftly kicked in the crotch.

9 more at:

I was 'A Christmas Story'.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sun Dec 11, 2011, 05:12 AM (6 replies)

He will continue to "get away with it" as long as republicans hold any

political and judicial power.

How low? Lower than whale shit

Do you sometimes feel like you have to win the lottery just to have a decent life?

Especially in retirement years? Or even able to retire at all?

Once private defined benefit pensions (hell even Sears had it) were looted and made obsolete by a slew of raiders (I.e. evil people) the average working person has Social Security and maybe some savings or some 401k left over. Around 10% are in state or local government pension plans that includes teachers, law enforcement, fire departments, city and state and other government (regional gov, some PHA's, and authorities like water or airports), and federal employees.

This is discouraging:


"When asked to estimate how much money they had in retirement savings, close to half of all respondents — 45% — claimed they had no money put aside for retirement, while 19% said they’ll retire with less than $10,000 to their name. If these trends hold, that means 64% of all Americans will essentially retire broke. Twenty percent will retire with anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. As for the remainder, well, let’s just say they have more wiggle room with their retirement savings."

The move to make everyone a day trader to fund life has been a colossal mistake. GameStop be damned.

Personally we are in the 10% of workers with defined benefit pensions. With some planning and minor other investments we will not HAVE to win lotto to live modestly comfortably in our old age. Fingers crossed and lotto ticket bought.

It galls me that more than 50% of us though will live on limited Social Security and maybe some 401k leftover crumbs.

Pensions and healthcare should follow people (PEOPLE) not employers. Free up options for people when it comes to moving and jobs. A person can be literally "stuck" in jobs because they are in a certain state pension system and covered health insurance.

Nonprofits should be able to participate in the same systems as local governments do. So should private employers and employees.

Example - vested after 5 years; the more years you work in the system, and your age at retirement, plus the average of the highest four years, equals your annual retirement. Get 20 0r 30 years and you are golden pony boy. Usually about 50 to 60% of your current working salary or pay.

But if you leave this job and go to another state (or to a private job or nonprofit) that doesn't have a reciprocal agreement (usually a neighboring state) you stop accruing time in the better system. You may retire at 65 and get $100-500 a month but that could have been doubled or quadrupled.

Merge them and grow them. Biden may have hit on something regarding credit companies that could help move this along. Stop letting private algorithms dictate your ability to get a job, buy or rent a house, car, school , etcetera.

Just because someone works retail or on commission should not deprive them of portable decent and comprehensive healthcare and defined benefit pensions. Merge those.

I should add that it does help to just spend less in life's activities but it would be nice if all people had the psychological security associated with financial security. And the ability to take jobs in other places/states/fields and not lose your time towards defined retirement income in a better system.

Still spend a little on lotto though.

Man, 19, says Sandusky gave him whiskey and assaulted him inside a PSU football office

A 19-year-old central Pennsylvania man has come forward claiming that Jerry Sandusky gave him whiskey and then sexually abused him during a single incident inside an office in the Penn State football building.

Harrisburg attorney Chuck Schmidt said he was hired by the man, who was 12 at the time of the alleged assault and a Second Mile camper who was staying overnight at the Second Mile facilities. The Second Mile is a children's charity Sandusky founded in 1977.
It was a single instance of abuse, described as more than touching, and his attorney said

Sandusky dropped the boy off at The Second Mile afterward.

This is 2 years after Sandusky was supposed to have had his keys taken and his access to the facilities stopped.

They gots lots of 'splainin to do.

Can you say 'tip of the iceberg.'

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Tue Dec 6, 2011, 07:29 PM (0 replies)
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