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Hallmark doesn't make a card for this.....

All of the backstory:


I still cannot get my head around what is happening to my friend and the diagnosis of stage IIIc ovarian cancer. It is surreal. I think am stuck in the WTF stage.

I talked to her sister, and she called me Thursday. Her sister is dealing with it, but she is still in shock. My friend has not begun to deal with it at all.

She is supposed to leave the hospital early next week. The who, what, when and where haven't been decided. That will have to happen very soon.

I know her prognosis isn't good, but how she will feel and the timeframe are up in the air. I have the bad feeling that at the rate events are moving, it may progress very quickly. I could be wrong but.....

Going to find Dr.Buzzard to work some roots.(for everybody)
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sat Mar 2, 2013, 07:44 AM (10 replies)

I took a friend to the emergency room at 3am Saturday morning.

Since I have become a vampire,I was up filing my fangs when the phone rang. When I saw the name on caller id,I knew this would not be a happy call whatever it was.

When I answered, I heard her gasping in pain and asking me to take her to the hospital. I live about 4 blocks away, so I threw on some jeans and such and raced over to her house.

When I got out, I could hear her moaning at the back door. I practically carried her to the car. I put my hazard lights on and took off. I know it's a small town because there was NOBODY on the roads. I went through 5 red lights after checking for oncoming cars or whatever.

As I am Pettying my way around town, she is doubled over and screaming at a couple of points. Whatever the hell is going on could range from deadly to extremely painful but not fatal. I talk to her as best I can.

So we get to the hospital and I run in and tell the mooks standing around that I have someone in my car who has back and chest pains who can't walk. They looked at me with no reaction and none of them made one move. I have dealt with this hospital before and the care has a wide range of care.

I so wanted to look around and ask them if I was in the Emergency Room or had I wandered into the 'I Don't Give A F***' Room by mistake. I bit my tongue because I needed their help, but I could feel the sparks in my hair starting.

A guard finally moseyed out to the car and helped her into a wheelchair. Not a medical person had made a move. He rolled her over to the window where you give the info and s****. Now mind you, she is moaning loudly this entire time. She lays her head down on the counter as they twiddle around and try to get her to sign whatever. She can't even hold the pen. Finally that's done.

At this point, my hair is on fire and I am about to bite my tongue in half. I am beyond the raised voice stage and into the deadliest look and voice I have. I know if they get pissed , it won't help but they are mooking around.

I mosey over to one of the medical peeps and with my death stare on quietly inform her that if my friend gets a lot worse or gawd forbid, doesn't make it, every single one of them will be talking to a lawyer. I told her I had a video of it on my camera phone. I had no such a thing but I had help my cell phone up like I was doing something.

That imperceptibly sped them up. I wanted to yell 'What the F*** is an emergency around here.' I have had to go to a hospital twice with major pain. I was immediately put on a stretcher and they were taking my bp and setting up an EKG. It turned out to be a kidney stone one time and inflamed rib cartilage the other. I didn't care if I died or not.

Finally they took blood and some vital signs. Then they rolled her back out into the waiting room. My friend is moaning, bent over, and holding a barf bag that she'd had to use. I am taking notes and names while talking to her. I am thinking that I have to have gone through some portal into another dimension.

It gets better. While sitting there, the medical receptionist or whatever she is asks my friend if she needs a new barf bag. My friend manages to nod so she goes to get one. She comes back and on the way picks up a trash can sitting in the waiting room. The barf bag is dropped in it while I am thinking 'She is not going to leave it in the waiting room. Tell me she isn't.' She did. I told my friend that she better not have any highly contagious illness or the fur would fly.

At this point, the pain subsided thank gawd. I am think kidney stone or something. She has had problems eating and with pain for a while. She is telling me the extent of it which she has kept from everybody. Her doctors don't appear to be in any hurry either.

Finally they roll her to a bed. Eventually the doctor finds his way in. He is very good with the listening hooha, but at this point I don't like anything. I smile though. They agree to do a CT scan. That was actually done fairly quickly. The doctor returned with the results not long after too.

It turns out she has a very large cyst on an ovary. She needs to go see her Ob/Gyn immediately to have it checked. The dreaded 'C' word was mentioned. Luckily she had an appointment Monday to see him.

She has had problems since JANUARY of 2012. Her GP an other doctors kept telling her to use antacids and more fiber. Why they had not done a CT scan before now is another medical mystery. I would like to lay waste to all of them.

At any rate, whatever is going on could still range from deadly to painful but treatable. I am a cynic and don't care for anything I have heard. We'll find out soon enough.

I may have misjudged and been out of line. I.Don't.Care!

She could use any prayers and thoughts. Me? I am way beyond help in that department.
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sun Feb 10, 2013, 06:11 AM (94 replies)
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